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I've been using a UV Filter or lens hood mainly to protect my lenses. I've read somewhere you should not use both on the same lens at the same time. Any thoughts on using either or both at the same time?

Also, my canon EF 28-135 f3.5/5.6 appears to have a built-in protective element at the end of the lens barrel (I'm assuming that's what it is). If so, does adding another UV Filter in front of that degrade the image much? I would still rather have a removeable lens filter to protect the lens that I can replace rather than to have to ship the lens to an authorized tech if the built-in element gets scratched.

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Modern lenses on digital cameras only need a UV filter to protect the front element from spray, flying grit, stray fingers and bumping into things. Under certain lighting conditions they can cause flare (stray reflections) and degrade image quality. Use or non-use of filters can become a religious argument!

The lens hood will protect you from stray light from outside the picture taking frame, bumping into things and stray fingers.

The two are complimentary and can be used together.

I don't have your model lens so can't comment.
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The lens hood will actually help with any flare caused by the UV filter being out in front with two air/glass surfaces. I don't think there is a caution against using both for any reason other than that most hoods do a sufficient job of keeping things from bumping into the lens and there is no reason to have extra glass for protection.

The lens coating isn't as fragile as some people think. Cleaning spray and dust won't damage it unless you use steel wool. I have a pair of Nikon sunglasses with a multiple layer lens coating inside to prevent reflections. They get washed with hand soap and dried with a paper towel almost every day. After two years the coating is still perfect.

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