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Fellow digital photographers -

I will be in NYC for a business trip and I have put aside two nights to take photos. Can anyone make any recommendations on good vantage points in which to shoot the city? I know the standards, i.e. the top of the Empire State Building, Time Square, Etc, but what I am really looking for are vantage points that offer unique views of the skyline, and NYC attractions that newcomers would not know about. These photos are for my personal use, as I am an amateur. Any recommendations, advice, or even books you might know of would be appreciated.


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As a native New Yorker who has photographed from every concievable location in NYC (well, it sure feels that way), the best palces to get photos of the Manhattan skyline are not in Manhattan.

I suggest that you visit Brooklyn - go to Brooklyn Heights via subway and walk west towards the east river. There is a park that runs about 15 blocks along the river called the Brooklyn Promenade. It is located directly over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. This is a sensational location to shoot from.

Then, walk north to the Brooklyn Bridge. TheBrooklyn Bridge is thesouthern most of the3 that cross the river from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The southern most is the most famous Brooklyn Bridge, then comes the Manhattan and then the Williamsburgh from South to North.

There is a wonderful little park called Fulton's Landing just under the Brooklyn Bridge (just south of the Bridge) that gives you some terrific vistas with the bridge.

Then walk north under the bridge and walk to the water's edge on the North side of the Bridge. This is one of the most famous images of the NY skyline with the bridge in the picture. Before 9/11 it was the iconic shot of the twin towers behind the bridge.

In order to get shots of the skyline looking east (for late afternoon sunset type pictures), you need to go to NJ. Liberty State Park is easy to find by public transortation and you have a great view of the skyline with the sun behind you as it sets and the Statue of Liberty is in your frame.

Another option is to take the Staten Island Ferry over and back. The views looking east at the skyline are to die for - again, prior to 9/11, this was another must have shot of the towers.

So, if you want to look at the skyline toward the east, go to NJ or the ferry and do that in late day to get the warm light of the setting sun illuminating the skyline.

If you want to view the skyline looking west, go to Brookly. Early morning sun is very nice there and late afternoon sunsets can be spectacular, but you are shooting into the red, setting sun, so the exposures can be tricky. Excellent location for sillouhette shots of the skyline against a red sky. if the weather is cooperating.

Feel free to emil me directly if you want further ideas. I love this city and I will be pleased to share some other sites.

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I forgot to add that a walk out on the Brooklyn bridge from weither side will give you great opportunities. If you go from the Brooklyn side, you will walk less to view the Manhattan side.

And, if you look at this guy's site, you can see some of the photos taken from the Brooklyn side from the places I recommended above. His photography is not great, but you can see the views.

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