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A freind of mine whois going to buy thedigicam/dslr asked me the following questions:

1) Is it correct that the lcd screen on the dslr camera has lasting only for 3 or 4 years? (After 3 or 4 years the lcd brightness is gone!)

2) Is there a limitationwhen taking the pictures by pressing the shutter button? (you can take (press shutter button) pictures (eg. 100,000 or so..) Is it correct?

Thanks for any input.
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Technically the answer to both questions is: YES.

The LCD on any camera has a certain life expectancy - just like a computer monitor or television set would. How long it actually lasts - just like the other two devices is in reality based upon use not upon elapsed time.

The shutter failure is a mechanical issue - eventually all mechanical devices wear out. So, there is an estimated life expectancy associated with the shutter in a camera. 50,000 for some, 100,000 for others.

The question becomes: what are your other choices? All DSLRs have these limitations - but digicams have even more limitations.

The thing your friend needs to understand regarding DSLRs is you are buying a system not a camera. The camera body will come and go - as will some of the lenses. Like any other small electronic device a DSLR is NOT a durable good. It isn't like buying a waching machine. So, unless your life span is only 3-5 years, the concept of 'this is the last camera I'm going to buy' doesn't make sense anymore.
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The backlight of an LCD definitely has a finite lifespan for sure but those on dSLR cameras are used much less than those on regular digicams so it should last much longer. And yes, all SLR cameras are limited by their shutter life,modern non-prodSLR cameras are probably good for up to ~75,000 shots before failing. That is a lot of pictures, more than most users will ever take in a lifetime.
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Thank you very muchto both of you for your quick replies.

My friend wants to buy a Nikon DSLR D50 (new) but he has been told that D50 is now in 2 years old (even they are in new condition) and he should buy D80.

From your replies, we have learnt that life time of lcd screen and shutter are onlyapplied in used cameras and not in a new one. So he can buy D50 (if new one still available in stock) and buy a good lenses to setup a system as John said.

Thanks a gain and wish you a very happy holidays season.

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