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If I were to take a Picture like in VGA or 1 megapixel, is there a way i can change the picture to a 3 4 or 5 megapixel picture for me to develope later on to a 4 x 6???

Or is it true that if ive took the picture in what ever size, that picture would stay that size with the amount of pixels.

Sony p10 and t1

Thanks a lot for your help!!

and whats the differece with the megapixel, and the 800 x 600 or like 1024 x768

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The individual movie shots from those cameras are a little less than 1/3 of a Mp. You can upsample the image to make it larger but you won't improve it much. You won't get very good 4 X 6 prints from individual movie frames.

Just multiply the width times height. 600 X 800 is almost a half Mp and 1024 X 768 is about ¾.
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I'll answer your last question first...

Megapixels is a measure of the actual number of pixels in the image, and the other are the dimensions. You can easily convert: for 800x600, for example, 800 times 600 is 480,000, so that's roughly .48 megapixels. So 640x480 is about .3MP, not 1MP.

Now, as for increasing the size of your image, you can do it to a point, but you'll never increase the detail. There are programs that will upsample your image and will kinda interpolate the data between pixels, but, say you have a VGA photo of a car and the license plate is four pixels high, and you can't make it out. Nothing you can do will allow you to read that license plate.

OTOH, I've printed VGA photos from my camera phone and they came out fairly decent. 640 pixels divided by 6 inches gives you about 107dpi, so it's not gonna be film quality, but they'll still work.
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