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Default Video Conversion Setting

I've made the decision to begin editing the movies I made on a Canon A710 years ago for two reasons. One to consolidate multiple clips into a single video in some cases but also to convert the bloated AVI files into MP4 format. I have some experience with doing this but am just looking for additional advice. Essentially the AVI files are at a data rate of ~14.5 MB/s. I'm not sure why they are so big as the quality is standard 640x480 but nonetheless a 1 minute video is ~110 MB. I will convert these to MP$ using quicktime which is quite simple but was just wondering if anyone had advice on choosing the output data/audio rate. I know ~7MB/s is near DVD quality but these were shot with a A710 so even if I wanted to put them on a DVD later would it matter if they were 14, 7, or 4 MB/s if I was watching it on HDTV anyway? I want to get the best bang for my buck if it is discernable. My intention is to convert at 4.8 MB/s with audio at 128 and essentially that 110 MB file becomes ~35 MB minus any additional footage I clip out. I'm thinking of my kids here and would like to have a single video file for an event (when there are multiple videos) with all the dead time removed. Thanks in advance.
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I don't think anybody can tell you exactly what settings to use--it depends on your tolerance for noise and artifacts in the result. Take the same clip and transcode it 3 times: best, middle and lowest quality settings. Decide for yourself which is the minimum you can stand watching.

Note that the frame rate has an enormous impact. I donno what your source is but web video is sometimes as low as 12 fps whereas HD is often 60 fps.

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