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Default w/o image stabilization

Can you please tell me what is the lower shutter speed w/o image stabilization at what you can shoot clear images at full telephoto (10x C-765)?


Sorry fo my bad english
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At baseball games, where I'm moving around and don't have time to get a steady position and worry about breath control and shutter "squeeze," I find that I need 1/500 sec. for blur free shots. That's with a 10x Toshiba m700 at full tele (380 mm equiv.). I'm going to try a hunter's bipod / hiking staff (stoneypoint.com) at the next game and see if I can get away with 1/250. I'm betting that it will work for most shots.

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Conventional wisdom says that you can shoot at 1 over the focal lenght (35mm equiv). That means with a 400mm lens, you can shoot as slow as 1/400th second. 200mm -> 1/200th second.

I find that I can only do that well with good technique. Much the same technique as shooting a gun or archery. Combining that with leaning on a wall, I can get one or two stops better. I've not done much with a monopod, but it doesn't seem to do as well as a wall, about as well as sitting down and leaning on my knees.
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The other thing to realize is that if you are trying to stop action, Image stabilization does nothing. It removes your movement but it doesn't stop subject movement.

So if you want to take a picture of the person standing at the base, or the pitcher about getting the signs then you could get away with 1/250. But I bet you'll find that runners will be a blur, throwing arms will be blury (which can look good, actually.)

Some times, there is no substitute to a faster shutter speed.

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