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mark4man Feb 23, 2004 8:06 PM

Want DigiCam w/ TIFF & MPEG?

I want to purchase a DigiCam that's around 4 megapixels.

It has support TIFF, as I want a lossless format; & it has to take movies w/ sound.

Is there anything out there that fits that bill…from the major mfg.’s?



Bob_Wildman Feb 23, 2004 8:40 PM


Most higher level digicams will save pictures as JPGs and RAW. RAW is a lossless format right off the sensor. RAW files offer the capability of editing several parameters including white balance, saturation, etc. You can then save the results in any of a selection of file formats.

I usually save the RAW files as a "proofs". RAWs are almost always smaller than TIFFs.

slipe Feb 24, 2004 1:00 AM

I think TIFF is generally an impractical format. Take a look at the time between shots. Few cameras can take successive TIFF shots without bogging down. You miss a lot of good shots waiting for the camera to cycle. An efficient raw is about 1/3 the size of a TIFF and better. SHQ JPG has no loss you can really see and is a little smaller than raw.

Most cameras anymore support movies with sound.

We have no idea whether you want a pocket camera, 10X zoom, image stabilization etc. Narrow down the choices a little in Steve’s reviews and come back with a couple of choices. If you really want TIFF make sure to go to the “Picky details” or “shutter lag & cycle time tests” in the reviews here: Make sure the buffer will handle TIFF without long wait times between shots. They can be as long as 30 seconds with a poor buffer. You won’t use the TIFF at all if you have to wait between shots.

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