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Tons of great info! I'm putting this all into a chart for comparison purposes. Keep the ideas coming!

Perdendosi---Does Winkflash let you print with your copyright on there?
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Old Jan 10, 2005, 1:43 PM   #12
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Yes, as far as I know (I've uploaded images with my copright, no problem... and I've printed with Snapfish (grrr...) and they don't have a problem either.)

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While far from a pro photographor, I am using the Canon i9900 and am blown away with the printers ability. Most of my prints have been 8x10 and the quality is very, very good. Friends want me to do their family portraits for them as they appear as good as they get. I plan to do some larger later.

Can't speak to print longevity, althouth if you look on this site there are ways to extend or make sure quality remains.

WhatI have read only is that the Epson print quality is not up to the Canon [different ink technology] but the print longevity may be better. Someone with more experience may be able to help with this.

Best of luck, if I can help with more on the i9900, email me or ask here.
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Old Jan 14, 2005, 10:14 PM   #14
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I purchased the Canon i9900 a couple of months ago and have barely used it. But alas i've not taken many pics! What I have printed has been the best pics from a printer I've ever seen. I need the oversize printing for architectural drawings and it will come in handy when I go to Europe next year and what to blow up my pics to 13X19 size. I've previously owned a Epson 1520 which was a real workhorse too. But way to old to consider. I've also had good experience with older Canon models too. You may not need these high end models, but any mid range Epson or Canon would be my choices.
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As for Walmart? We have re-named it "ChinaMart" and only go there out of deperation....and copyrights....China has likely violated more than any one? I do not object to imported products but ChinaMart is dictating just too much for me. It will soon be that if ChinaMart does not have it...you will not be able to buy it. Try not going there and save even more.
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I am so far away from a real town that Wal Mart is my only option unless I want to drive an hour. I have found some places in a larger town that will print for me, but they want $5.99 for a 5 X 7. I'm trying Winkflash...haven't gotten the order back yet...until we can figure out the printer we want to get.

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Hi Wisconsin Girl,

Though the printer I suggest you consider is no longer sold, you can often find it on Ebay at a very reasonable price (like $50-75 inc ship!).

The printer is the HP 990 CSE. I can easily print to 8 x 10 and prints are tack sharp.

Prints I have made four years ago to acid free paper have not faded at all.

You do have to wait a bit (minute or so) for ink to dry if you print with high quality (more ink). There is no slot for media cards, nor can you print borderless (unless you literally cut and crop the paper itself).

One of the really nice things about this printer is that you can buy a "large" color ink cartridge that lasts for months. (I print a few dozen pics a month).

All the newer printers seem to have very small cartridges.

Hope this helps!
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