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JohnG Mar 22, 2005 3:05 PM

I am quick to recognize companies I've had positive experiences with in the past. Unfortunately I have to provide a warning regarding a bad experience with a company I used to find reliable:

I ordered an item from their website last Friday that was indicated as in-stock - their website indicates shipment should take place within 24 hours. Well by Tuesday it hadn't shipped. I sent them an email and they never responded (even though they say they have a 5 hour gaurantee of response to email support questions). When I finally got a hold of a service rep after a 10 minute wait, she said she'd look into it - 5 more minutes on hold and she came back and indicated the item was in another warehouse and 'hadn't arrived yet' for shipment to me. I asked why the website still shows it as 'in stock' (which it did as of my conversation with her) - she said it is in stock - in another warehouse but had to ship to their main location before going out and that it SHOULD arrive in their local for shipment to me in 1 to 2 days. I explained that this did not sound like 'in stock' to me and promptly cancelled my order and took my business elsewhere. Now, they still have a pretty good rating at and I had used them successfully in the past. But, I notice when reading feedback that one out of the last 5 posts experienced the exact same problem I had. So, not sure if this is a new trend. But, bottom line is their definition of 'in stock' is probably different than yours. Be careful using them.

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