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Default Warranty Confusion

I'm trying to sort out where my daughter ought to buy her camera since it seems that each national distributor won't cover the same camera sold by a distributor of the same brand. I come from a Nikon perspective and she will be upgrading from a Canon elph SB600 I bought for her 10 years ago as a college freshman. (Still a great camera! and I had a hard time surprising her with an upgraded camera but she brought the subject up with her world travels). She is looking at either the Nikon or Canon entry level DSLR. I can handle that discussion, it is the warranty that has me confused.

She is currently living in Switzerland for a couple more years. During the year has traveled throughout Europe, also the Canada (twice), Australia, and just returning from her second visit to the Canary Islands. Actually, while in the Canary Islands a friend bought a Nikon D3100 for 250EU ($325US) supposedly with warranty in Switzerland, but she held off. Will be retuning to US for family visit over the holidays.

Should she buy in US during the visit, and will the Nikon USA warranty be honored in Europe or wherever else in the world she happens to be?
Should she buy in Europe, but will it be honored in the US or worldwide?

While she is living there attending school (post-doc), the whole issue has implication for tourist who are on a "vacation of a lifetime", destroy their camera and have to replace it on the local economy before returning home.

Thanks for any guidance you can give.
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hi i live in uk and to be honest i look for the best deal on the market how long does a warranty last compared to the time you keep the product, only problem with buying in the usa is you have to watch the voltage. if you are worried then look at an insurance scheme to cover break down. or damage.
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Since she will be living in Switzerland for a longer period than the factory warranty, it would seem that purchasing the camera there would make most sense.
If you are planning to have an extended warranty, which would run longer than her time overseas, you might just consider purchasing in the U.S. and having her ship the camera to you first for warranty repair, if needed.

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