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guifontes Oct 20, 2006 1:40 AM

Hello, for quite a long time I'm struggling to do something that I thought would beeasy. I've got a Sony DSC-W5, it is very comum to get all the MPEG videos created with my cameraand convert to AVI/DIVx to reduce the size of the videos, etc...

Because of the niceand big 2.5 LCDScreen of this camera and the 2Gb Memory Stick I've got some time ago, I decided to do the opposite. I wanted toconvert some small videosI've got that were inAVI format andwatch im my camera.

But when I convert those videos to MPEG and copy to my memory stick (into a folder DCIM and named MOV00001.MPG) the camera doesn't seem to be able to play the movie, a message saying "WRONG FILE" appear with the file.

Have anybody tried to do something like that? Are there special settings in the MPEG that the camera will play?



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