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Hi all,
I read all there is to read about water damage to cameras, but still didn?t find anything that helps me out. I got a Panasonic DMC-FX30 Black digital
camera. While I was on my vacation (with my sister), my camera got wet. My sister put Perrier (mineral water) in her back. The bottle was close or so we thought, and when it came time to take a picture, is when we seen that her bag was wet. I reached for the camera. When I pulled it out, the switch was in ON possession and it did not turn on. We immediately went to the hotel, where I took the battery out and my SD card. The battery was dried and recharged, and my SD Card was working fine. I set the camera on a fan and it was getting dried. Next day I tried the camera but through a USB cable, not the battery and nothing happened. My questions are as follows. Will Panasonic fix my camera? Should I just go and buy a new one? (Bought it at $300, now valued at $225) Can I fix this myself? If yes then where can I get the service manual or how to do it? Someone help. I like this camera; a new model came out, DMC-FX33, this month. Do not want to see this baby go.
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panasonic wont fix it for free thats for sure

normaly water damage will dry out and be ok, wife dropped phone in sink, 3 weeks later it worked, and still works.

its beer, pop etc with sugars that kills things dead, id keep trying it with mains power as opposed to battery unless u can put battery in another camera to make sure it works........could have shorted and killed battery.

id be prepared to get another though......odds are not in your favour, as much as id hope itll come back to life

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The fact that the camera was on when it got wet might decrease your chances of getting it going again.

Take Reanimator's advice. It would be best to wait until the camera is dry before you try cranking it up, though. To see if it's dry, try putting it in a zip-lock plastic bag and exposing it to the sun for a while -- perhaps a few hours. Let it get hot, but not hot enough to start melting parts. Use common sense, here. Check the inner surface of the bag for any moisture accumulation. If you find any, the camera is still wet. When the bag stays dry, there's no more water in the camera to evaporate.

Good luck!

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