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Default waterproofness of Canon S50 housing?

I am considering buying my first digital camera- likely a Canon Powershot S50. One of the main selling points of the Canon S50 for me (because I scuba dive and want a camera that I can use underwater) is that there is a waterproof housing accessory available. The housing is labeled to be waterproof to a depth of 100'. I called Canon about this and they said that since Canon contracts out the manufacture of this housing they can only warranty the housing if it is initially defective. If while underwater the housing leaks the digital camera would likely be ruined and Canon says too bad- no warranty. So my question is this: have any of you used this housing while scuba diving and if so to what depth and with what results? Clearly I would not want to destroy my S50 with a faulty "waterproof" housing. The fact that Canon does not really stand behind this housing makes me nervous. Of course Canon would have no way of knowing if I went to 30' deep or 200' deep. Thanks, Rufous.
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I think you need to browse the forums at:

These guys are well versed in which housings work and how well they work. The Canon housings are good ones. Of course an UW housing is only as good as the person that uses it. You must make sure the O-ring is good, properly seated, properly maintained and replaced when necessary. All it takes is a few grains of sand or dirt on the O-ring when you close it and you'll get a leak at depths.

I'm pretty sure that there are 3rd party companies that offer flood insurance for UW cameras too, check with the WetPixel forum users.

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I've never used this camera or housing but I am a keen underwater photographer.

I don't think you'll find anybody that warrants a housing against leaking unless it's proved to be a manufacturing fault. As Steve says it is very easy to cause a leak by not fitting the o-ring properly of if the o-ring is dirty. A hair on the o-ring can cause a major leak.

A possible issue with this type of housing is if they are all plastic. My Ikelite housing is polycarbonate but all the o-ring seats are in metal inserts screwed into the housing. This means that they are less prone to wear by the movement of the shafts and they can be easily replaced if worn. Wear the o-ring seats are directly in the plastic case there is more possibilty of wear and maybe no option to replace.

All that said I doubt that Canon would put their name to anything that wasn't a quality product.
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