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DigitalNewbie Nov 20, 2003 10:02 PM

WAY OFF TOPIC -- Cell Phone Advice ???
This has nothing to do with photography, but I ALWAYS get good advice here (bought Canon G3 and i960 based on your advice, and am thrilled with both :D ), so here goes. I need to replace my dual-mode cell phone with a tri-mode to use a different cell plan. All I want is a basic tri-mode phone with excellent talk/listen and good durability and battery life. Do not want an all-digital (no analog) phone. Does anyone have experience will the Kyocera 2325? Will it fit my requirements? My carrier has a good deal on the 2325.


Spgaca Nov 20, 2003 10:45 PM

Hi Steve, Although I don't have direct experience with that particular model, I have owned the 6035 SmartPhone with the Palm built in. It performed very well for me but I found the signal strength somewhat suspect. But most of all a good phone. As for your digital comment...the more digital there is out there, the better it is on your battery. Most companies are using digital in large populated areas. If you travel alot off the beaten path you with get analog signals and you will find your batteries won't last as long. Most phones tell you when you are receiving an analog or digital signal. All phones now are digital but capable of receiving analog.
Also make sure you understand that the tri-mode concept is for North American CDMA and not GSM which is making its way into North America.

Hope this helps!


DigitalNewbie Nov 20, 2003 11:20 PM

Thanks for the info, BUT ...
I'm trying to take advantage of several specific phones my carrier (Verizon 8) ) is offering for an attractive price -- the Kyocera 2325 is least expensive and has a nice keyboard. My interest in analog is primarily as an emergency fall-back, but my daughter(-in-law)'s family does live in an analog area.

NHL Nov 21, 2003 5:07 AM


This is a full-feature phone using QCOM chips-set with 3G readiness and analog fall-back:

... ie it's more than basic (with handfree speaker phone and voice dialing), with an excellent standby (but your mileage may vary!) :wink:

eric s Nov 21, 2003 1:13 PM

Something else to consider (although, again, not directly relevant) is that the new phone number portability laws are now in place in the US. This is causing a huge new set of discounts being offered to try to keep people with their cell provider. You might want to use this to your advantage when setting up the new cell service.


ps. I don't have a cell phone, but this is a great thing. There were no good pro customer reasons why the telephone companies haven't provided this in the past.

JimC Nov 21, 2003 1:42 PM

Are you under contract?

I switched to a plan Sprint calls "Sprint PCS Free and Clear America".

I'm using a Sanyo Tri-Mode Phone (800mhz CDMA, 1900mhz CDMA, 800mhz AMPS). It happens to be a camera phone (but believe me, I didn't buy it for it's low resolution camera). :)

This plan is NOT advertised on their web site, but it's a great deal.

Sprint's regular PCS Free and Clear Plan does not including Roaming to other Carriers (only within the Sprint PCS Network). The plan with "America" at the end of it, includes roaming to other carriers, including Verizon.

So, I'm getting the best of Sprint and Verizon.

In areas where Sprint does not provide coverage, I can roam to Verizon's 800mhz CDMA coverage. In areas where neither Sprint or Verizon have coverage, I ccan roam Analog.

No roaming charges.

My plan (Sprint PCS Free and Clear America):

2 Phones, 2000 shared anytime minutes, unlimited PCS to PCS (mobile to mobile), unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited Vision (internet access), unlimited e-mail and messaging to/from phones, no long distance charges, no roaming charges within or outside of the Sprint PCS Network.

$110.00/month for both phones combined, with the above plan.

Verizon didn't have anything that could touch it (their plans with "perks" only included roaming on their network -- not to other carriers, and they have some weak areas -- like the entire state of Kentucky for example).

This Sprint plan fits us perfectly.

BTW, you can also get software that allows high speed (144 kb/second) internet access from you phone, allowing you to attach a laptop while on the road (Radio Shack sells the connection software and the cables), so that you're not stuck with the small display on the phones for access.

Sprint "frowns" upon it, but that's the way they used to market it (encourging users to attach devices via a cable to the phone). Sprint quit selling the software and cables (probably because they realized that they were giving away too much bandwidth with this plan, when lots of users started attaching their laptops and PC's).

But, Radio Shack sells 3rd party software and cables for these phones.

DigitalNewbie Nov 22, 2003 6:27 AM

THANKS for your helpful replies!
I 'bought' a pair of 2325s today. Seem like nice phones :) Even has a voice memo feature. Even though wife was happy with her Audiovox 9100, her plan qualified for a 'free every 2' update, so I went with the buy one, get one free offer on the 2325s. It even worked out that I got a free case, car charger, and Jabra headset!

I switched to the America's Choice Family Share plan, from a National One Rate and a Local Digital Choice -- 400 shared anytime minutes, unlimited nights and weekends, and unlimited anytime minutes between the two phones :D as long as we're on Verizon's network (but not the extended network).

Sorry I did'nt thank you guys sooner, but I just saw your replies -- the auto notify feature seems to be still on the fritz.

Thanks again,

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