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c2ironfist Jan 23, 2005 10:20 PM

Hey guys

I can tell almost everyone here loves photography... I was just wondering what you guys like using your camera for most?

Are you guys proffesional photographers?

Or are you the average joe who just enjoys taking pictures of anything?

How long have you been snaping away for?

How much do you know about photography, gone to any classes etc?

What Cameras do you own?

Post your photography experience here and what you use your camera for most.

For me I first bought my camera to take everyday pictures of things, cuz I love doing that and make short video clips of me doing martial arts along with others.

That was the main purpose. I love taking pictures of scenary, people, girls on campus hehe.. the list goes on.

I make tons of small video clips of nothing but its just so much fun.

So guys come on post in and lets see what we all use our Digicams for :|

Gandalf065 Jan 23, 2005 10:43 PM

Personally, I spent $1500 last January to have a mighty nice hammer! Those feceposts are so much easier to handle with my 10D! :lol:

I shoot just about anything that catches my fancy when I have my camera in hand. It ranges from macro, portraiture, stage,lanscapes, wildlife, snapshots, ect...

I have been 'snapping away' since sometime in 2001, when I got my first digital camera, and I didn't have to pay for film development anymore. I have been shooting seriously sine I got my 10D January of last year.

*warning: shameless plug*

Check out my pictures at

I am not saying I am incredibly good by any standards, but hopefully I have enough random pictures loaded to entertain you for 1/2 and hour or so... ;)


eric s Jan 23, 2005 11:40 PM

Well, technically I have made no money with photography, so that makes me an amature. I have been published a few times (but with connections to the magazine) so while nice I don't count that.

I do enjoy taking pictures a lot!

I have been taking photography seriously for the last... 18 months or so.

I have never gone to a photography class, but I have certainly studied it. I have a few bird photography books and I have read a lot on the web. Both formal stuff (Articles), I'm on several forums. I'm in 2 clubs where I show my work.

I started out with the Canon 10D and I have upgraded to the 20D.

I take almost exclusively bird photos. Sure, the occasional butterfly, dragonfly, frog, pet, friend, whatever find their way into my view finder. But of the 9000+ photos I have, less than 200 or so are not birds.


...ben Jan 23, 2005 11:54 PM

What you use your camera for most?

Most of the timeI use my camera for taking pictures. Sometimes I used it to scare some noisy little obnocious rascals away by holding the camera by it's strap and twirling it above my head pretending I'm gonna slingshotit at them with the evil intention of trying to bring one of them down. :G

Seriously, I used to travel a lot locally and lately I'm into hiking and camping. Most of the pictures taken are for keepsakes. Something to look back to when this guys legs are only good enough to play horsie-horsie with his grandchildren. I been in photography for about a decade now. On and off actually. And despite all those years, I'm still an amateur at being an amateur. I'm usually just a point and shot, did some sceneries and macros. Nothing serious. Cameras owned, an old Canon 500N film SLR and a Canon PowerShot A70.

PeterP Jan 24, 2005 12:16 AM

OK, here goes
  1. Yes, Besides drinking coffee,I guess at least that is part of what the company I work for pays me for. [/*]
  2. Yes, it is a nice expensive hobby, completely different from the pressures of work. [/*]
  3. ~35 years [/*]
  4. Alittle bit and still learning,yes [/*]
  5. Too many, Currently about half dozen Canon 35mm film bodies,one 2-1/4, no large format at moment. P&S digitals: Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Canon, DSLR's: Canon EOS 20D. [/*]
  6. Making images.[/*]

c2ironfist wrote:

Are you guys proffesional photographers?

Or are you the average joe who just enjoys taking pictures of anything?

How long have you been snaping away for?

How much do you know about photography, gone to any classes etc?

What Cameras do you own?

Post your photography experience here and what you use your camera for most.

Stevekin Jan 24, 2005 5:04 AM

Not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. As these dictionary entries explain.

of a profession: relating to or belonging to a profession

following occupation as paid job: engaged in an occupation as a paid job rather than as a hobby

very competent: showing a high degree of skill or competence

None of the above !!

I do, however,enjoy snapping family & friends, much to their annoyance sometimes. Bought a Ricoh Caplio RR30 in Nov '02, lovely little starter cam for me, snaps looked great straight out of it. Handy for me! Moved on to Dimage A2 in June last year, still mainly taking family snaps but planning to diversify. My first Grandson was born Oct '03 (now 1 year & 3months). He takes up a lot of my shooting time. Couple of my favourites coming up.

First, Grandson George and his mum (my daughter) at a friends wedding. George is 1 Year and 2 weeks old in the shot.

And George on his own.

Sorry if you didn't need to see these, I needed to show them. (So proud, not of the shots, the subjects.)



bugshutter Jan 24, 2005 9:49 AM

I cant get past the concept of being a lifetime student of photography. Probably because the technology is forever improving, though its the basic concept. In otherwords once I got my foot in the door and saw the garbage people was abusing with a camera, I decided, heck I can make some money doing this.

It is indeed an enjoyable hobby for me. I love going to the swap meets, checking out the photo magazines, and anticipating obtaining the latest beautiful piece of equipment.

I guess its been mostly a hobby, although I shoot weddings, affairs, portraits, team pictures, proms, because I never looked at is as a business. Yes Ive spent thousands and thousands of dollars since I got involved, so I consider myself drawing even with the money I have made. Maybe one day when I getgood and look at it as a job then I'll make a profit:G

My first camera was a Canon AE1. Then a Canon A1. They became backups to the Mamiya 645 Super. 3 years ago I finally went digital with Olympus E-10. Now im sporting the D70. One thing you'll learn about photography, and that is once you understand the basics of photography, just about any camera will work.

c2ironfist Jan 24, 2005 3:08 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Oh wow this is awsome guys.. I really enjoy seeing the pics theire great. Love checking out other peoples artwork amazing.

I can totaly relate to everyones experience. I've always loved taking pictures before but using a film camera was way to expensive. I just started crazily snapping away with my first Digital camera last year in October.

I got so many pics hehe its insane but I love them all. :|

Great reading you guys post :cool:

berto Jan 24, 2005 8:31 PM

Are you guys proffesional photographers?
not a pro but i act like one.

Or are you the average joe who just enjoys taking pictures of anything?
the great thing about having a camera for me is that its easier to go up and meet people. i have gotten more dates from this method than my cheesy pickup lines :roll:

How long have you been snaping away for?
about 5 years. ever since i took a photography class in college. spent a lot of money on printing paper trying to come up with the right black and white tonal range.

How much do you know about photography, gone to any classes etc?
- basic photography in college.
-advanced photography workshop in philippines while i was on vacation.
and the rest- trial and error. mostly error.

What Cameras do you own?
a canon A40, canon A60, canon A70, canon powershot G5. i think i'm due for a 300d then hopefully a 20d by the end of the year.

Post your photography experience here and what you use your camera for most.
taking scenery pictures of the beach to tease all of you freezing your butts off, friends, parties, and to get dates -"hi, are you a model?"

Tim_The_Sandman Jan 24, 2005 11:13 PM

I'm an amateur/hobbyist photographer. I've been taking photographs for about 3-4 years. So far I've not had any classes on photography (lack of time) but I do manage to sneak in some online tutorials, and the occasional book as well as plenty of trial and error. I tend to learn from mistakes fairly quickly fortunately (depending on who you ask of course)...

I own an Olympus C5050z (my first digital camerathat was capable of taking good quality photos to inspire me to want to seek out photo opportunities, and which I still have with me to this day) and the new addition, a Canon 20D.

I enjoy taking photographs of anything available provided it looks somewhat interesting to me (in other words anything from landscapes and architecture to people, animals, plants and anything else imaginable).

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