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1. Don't know technically if I'm a pro or not. I do almost all photos for publications and usually make money from them, I guess you could consider that pro.
2. I don't really take pics of random things unless on vacation or trying out new equipment.
3. Started in earnest in Aug. 1999 when I started work at a weekly paper. Work had a Canon AE-1 Program.
4. On the job training mainly, plus books and websites. Also talk with other photographers at sporting events.
5. Own a Minolta Z1 (don't really use anymore) plus Nikons: D70, D1H, N60 (only used now when need to shoot slide film).
Almost all my shooting is of sports. The D1H and 80-200 lens are solely for sports.
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c2ironfist, Can you try posting your pic again. Then I won't feel like the odd one out. :-)

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I have a Fuji s602, and mainly use it taking candid shots of my friends (loads of them every day). And whilst at uni I used to take photo of anyone interesting who went past our table (mainly hot girls, old people and fat guys :S). I also do shoots at concerts occasionally, and of anything I come accross on my day to day business I consider worthy of a photograph.
I did do photography for a year at school, but that was more about darkroom techniques than actually taking the photos, so little of it is of any use to me today as I shoot entirely digitally.
The television news portion of my Journalism degree probably helped most, as that was a lot more "tecnical side of getting a good shot" based than the photography unit on the course (which was more a crash course in paparazzi, where it's getting the subject that matters first, with technical quality very much at the sidelines - we were doing things like having to shoot the lecturer through the windscreen as he sped past in his car :lol:
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~I got into photography after I got my G5 a year ago. My previous experience in "photography" is shooting my A10. I used the A10 just for snapshots and I still take it fishing with me. I have learned alot from shooting with my trusty G5. I am looking to get into photography on a professional level. Iam looking to get an SLR in the very near future.~

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