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Well msantos, That sound pretty cut and dry. Im not sure its that simple though. Especially if you dont know the bride and groom, especially the bride. I have seen some really raunchie attitudes on wedding days. I think one of the most crucial commodities of photographing a wedding is the acquaintance, and understandingbetween the wedding couple and the photographer. There has to be a comfort zone between the two. And even after establishing that, wedding days still have a tendacy of throwing that out the window.

The single most worst thing on wedding day is the bride and groom meeting the photograher for the first time. Nothing is going to be right for everyone involved.Then again thats from an experience photographer that has done plenty weddings. Anykind of way you can get experience shooting a wedding you should take advantage, but at the expense of someone that indrectly hires you thru a 3rd or 4th party can be dissaster, especially if its the first time for you.

There will be aunts, uncles, best friends, mother-in-laws, P&Srs, and just about anyone that will be making you more nervous and aggravatedthen the wedding couple. What happens when theres a demanding situtation? When you compose a shot and an aunt with a Point & Shoot camera jumps in your way just as you snap the shutter. Are you adapted to respond in a nice way. Theres a lot of other things you have to consider just besides taking pictures. Pass on it my friend.

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good choice prmsekpr!

i got roped into filming (with a 7thousand dollar video camera :shock my cousins wedding...

too nerve racking to be fun!

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Hey Vito, I almost had a similar problem with my sister's wedding. I was asked to video tape it. Very kindly but firmly I said "no". That I wouldn't enjoy it and I wanted to actually be at the wedding.

They got someone else. For which I was very grateful.

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eric s wrote:
I picked up this link from a forum dedicated to wedding photography:

Thank you for the link.

Also, to clarify ... These people are not friends, I would never ever do a wedding shoot for someone known to me. I don't know these people from Adam, but I have decided not to do this shoot. I am going to see if I can assist another photographer.

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Old Jan 12, 2005, 8:54 PM   #15
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I did this ONE time and under strict guidelines that I was a *backup* photographer. They were to hire a professional, and I would also take photos and they could buy what they wanted.

To be perfectly blunt, it was what some might call a "redneck wedding" on top of it, so, when they hired Uncle Billy Joe to be the main one, he brought a Kodak point and shoot with him to do it with. 90% of his shots were too dark to even make out who was getting married, and the ones that were somewhat fixable had so much noise in them even software couldn't help them much.

I used my 10D and most of my shots turned out pretty darn good. Since he was the "hired" photographer, and I was the backup, he was the one who turned into "the one who ruined the wedding photos" and I was the one who saved the day. :G
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Old Jan 13, 2005, 1:04 AM   #16
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PrmseKpr wrote:

To my photography friends:

I was asked Saturday night if I would shoot a wedding. Having never shot a wedding, I have lots of questions! I haven't given them an answer yet, I just told them I would think on it. The client would actually be this person's husband's half-sister's daughter... or something like that.

Of course, I am thinking, "I'm not good enough to shoot a wedding!" But then I also told myself, "Even the best wedding photographers had to shoot their first." I also don't want to mess up someone's wedding. I have heard the horror stories surrounding wedding photography. I have never assisted for anyone. I probably should assist before doing a wedding, but I don't know anyone I could assist for prior to doing this one.

Can you give me an idea on pricing?

How should I price for my time, etc...?

Should I price as a package? (i.e. my time, plus 400 prints, an album for the couple, album for the Groom's parents, album for the Bride's parents, etc...) or should I just charge for being there, taking pictures, my time, etc... and then sell prints individually (using a service such as PrintRoom.com).

What about getting a deposit?

Should I get a non-refundable deposit or a refundable deposit? (Like, if they cancel within x days of the wedding, then they forfeit their deposit, etc...)

I have a copy of a wedding contract from "Business and Legal Forms for Photographers" (

Thank you in advance!
This thing happened to me last saturday. My cousin was getting married and they ask me to be the photographer, I simply told them to get professional service and i'll just be the back-up. I'm really not ready for the job. Its really hard. The pros follow a story line of some sort in shooting the photos.. from the preparation up to the reception. Its a very exhausting job!

please allow me to share the best shot that I got:

Attached Images
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I don't understand what you'd be worried about...

Here are some tips for beginners. Note, this is not intended to be taken seriously!


The same author has a very good series of articles on this topic (Wedding Photography) here:


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Old Jan 13, 2005, 10:29 PM   #18
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To do a wedding you have to be able to take charge, have a mental picture of what/where/when/how you want to do a shot prior to even going to the event. There are so many variables that affect how you do your job, like a drunken/roudy bridal party, drunken/roudy bride or groom, or both, a missing best man or maid of honor, a drunken officiator (priest, rabbi, whatever), let's not forget bad weather (do you have a plan B, or C?), can you trust the ceremony/reception location to leave your equipment bag/case unwatched while you take the shots? And these variables I mentioned have nothing to do with your ability to take good shots. All that pressure to get the shots right, time constraints, parents that tell you their side of the family is more important, a wedding dress that catches fire, man i could go on and on :lol: But you get the idea, it's not easy to shoot a wedding, and sometimes I feel burnt out after three weddings in a row. But I do it because I like the challenge, I see a lot of beautiful ladies, and often the food is good - oh yeah, that's important too!

We all have to get started somewhere, don't feel discouraged for declining this time. When I got started I was assisting two main photographers at each wedding, until I learned enough that I could go on by myself, and now I have an assistant :| And amidst all the chaos that goes on in the preparations and moving from location to location, we are responsible in portraying beautiful things for posterity. Here are some shots I've taken for the studio I work for (some wedding shots, a few casuals):

I've done so many weddings, yet there's room to learn more, to be more creative.
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No question of your professionalism. Very beautiful pictures. The black and white would have sold me on your hireGreat shot. The best thing about your photos, although they are basic weddding compositions, you can still feel your originality. Which distinquishes the common wedding photographer from big money.:G
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Not ready for the bigtime, but I just want to see what these looklike other then in my hand
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