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Wedding dress on fire??? I certainly hope that wasn't at one of your weddings!!! The best one I heard was from a thread on "worst weddings you've photographed" (on a wedding forum, I believe.) Where the groom spontaneously showed up (without telling anyone) in a wedding dress. The way the photographer described it was great. He was set up for a group shot and the groom entered behind him (he was late, so he was filling the time.) So he only got to see the expression on the people's faces (now there would have been a picture!)

But I just wanted to say that those are really great pictures. Truly. I really like those last two. Remind me to get married in NY so I can hire you. And that is about the biggest compliment I can give.

I'm not a fan of the effect at the bottom of the picture. But that could be a personal thing.
I think you did a good job capturing her. Dark skin with a light dress is very hard. I think you should work to bring out some more detail from her left eye. If you're looking for an artistic effect… then maybe keep it. But if you are going for a true portrait then you want to see their entire face.

When you shoot it, you could also save the eye with a flash with some FEC like -1 or -2 so that it doesn't reflect off her skin (although the angle of it might have more effect on that.) It would fill the shadow nicely.

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Eric, thanks for your compliments! As for the dress on fire, yes, it was from one of my weddings. It wasn't that big a fire, and it was quickly put out. Seems the band had a Phantom of the Opera thing going on and when the main guy showed up, a small smoke bomb went off for the climax. What people didn't notice was that when the smoke bomb blew up, something hot flew under the bride & groom's table. I noticed smoke coming from under their table just about the same time the bride got alarmed and stood up. The groom tossed his water on the dress to put off the flame. That was some pyrotech :lol: I've never had a groom put on a wedding dress, but twice I've had a "man of honor" as opposed to a maid of honor!
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