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RLPhoto May 3, 2009 11:39 AM

Hi all, I'm an amateur who is very interested in getting into wedding photography. I have already got past my "first wedding" but I do know there's still so much to learn to even get started properly. I've been doinga lotof research over the past few days, and the same two suggestions to getting started keep coming up. The first is to assist or observe aprofessionalfor a few weddings and learn from that, second was to find some wedding photography books. I have already contacted a local pro asking if he isinterestedin an observer, I am just waiting back for a reply.

I have access to Chapters, and Henry's for the books that I need. However my budgetatmis lower as I am between jobs and was wondering if there are any books that really helped you, over others. I may be able to get 3-4 books total. If you can post your favorite book that helped you most, I can take a few of those suggestions and hopefully learna lot.

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