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Please advise on what to do if a digital camera gets wet. I have a canon s410 that got wet at the beach from a wave. It was not fully submereged. Do I let it dry before turning it back on? If so, how long?
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you needed to quickly rinse it in fresh UNSALTY water before towel drying then opening it up to dry AS LONG AS POSSIBLE before sending it in for service/cleaning/restoration

too late now for a rinse

good luck

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My Panasonic FZ20 got drinched last year. Last September I took a cruise to the Yuccatan. Hurricane Ivan was on the east side so we stayed on the west side. While at the ChiChen Itza mayan pyramid, it came a downpour of rain! The was no place to hide and I live my big Ziplock bag on the bus. All I could do was hold my hands over it. Eventhough, it was powered off, the lens started extending/retracting. I had to pop the battery out to stop it. After the 30 minute storm, it was non-functional. When I got backtot he ship, I tried it agian but no go. So, I put in the foam case that I carry my stuff in.

Three days later while waiting to get called to go though customs and get off the ship, I thought I would try it one more time. I pulled out of the case, got the FZ20 out, put in a battery, and powered it on. Guess what? It worked! I was so happy and relieved.

Now this was fresh water, Your situation involves saltwater so results may be different.

BTW, I'm glad that I took my older Panasonic FZ1 which turned out to be a good backup camera. So, I was able to keep taking photos on the rest of the cruise.

Hope things turn out OK,
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I got mine (Kodak DX4330) totally submerged in a river after a fall. I immediately turned it off and removed the batteries. Disassembled it as much as I could and left it in the sun inside my car. Once I got home I put it under an incandescent lamp overnight. The next day the camera came back to life. This was fresh water, though. In salt water you must rinse the salt water first as you have already been told.

While my camera works, it sometimes acts up a bit after this event. But so does my cell phone which was also involved in the same fall, except that the camera was hanging from my neck and the phone was in my pocket when I fell, so it did not get nearly as wet insideas the camera.
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All the prior advice sounds good to me.
If you've lived a clean, honorable life, it may work just as it did.
If you're a saint, something might happen to it that makes the pictures it now takes totally unique. There is a book out that I saw a while ago that has the words "Magic Camera" in the title (obviously, I don't remember the actual title). It's a photo book shot by a guy whose camera went for a swim. When it was rinsed out and dried, it took unique, surreal, really cool pictures! The camera is worth more to him now than it was before!
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