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@uth Dec 30, 2002 9:54 PM

what camera fits my needs?
First, Iím not an artist or a prof. photographer. So I donít need something that is top of line with all the bells and whistles. I just needs something thatís going to capture the moment with clarity. Iím from NY and Iím going to use the camera for nightlife pictures (clubs etc). Most pictures will be low light. So the digital camera should be a great low light performer. Being able to take multiple shots quickly is plus. And it has to be a "front shirt pocket" camera

Iím also torn between 2 and 3 mp digital cameras. I donít think I really need a 3 mp camera but Ií m unable to find 2.0mp cameras with features, looks, and size of the 3mp cameras.. eg MINOLTA DiMAGE Xi

i dont want to spend the extra cash on a 3.0mp camera if a 2.0mp camera will do the job.

thanks for the help

Mike_PEAT Dec 30, 2002 11:26 PM

Well, get a camera that has a focus assist beam (that will allow the camera to focus in low light). You may also want to get one with manual focus (in case the object won't come into focus or you wish to override).

Also, you have to make sure the one you get has a tripod socket, low-light photograph may drop the shutter speed below 1/30th of a second. Another idea is to see if you can adjust the "film" speed (ISO) can make the camera more light sensitive (although your pictures will be more grainier).

As for the 2/3mp arguement, 2's enough for 8x10, but if you want to crop you'll want 3mp.

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