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What do you do with all of the photos you take? Let's say you come back from vacation with 200+ pics. What do you do with them all? If they're stored on my computer or on a CD, chances are I won't look at them again for years. OTOH, I can't print out dozens of photos and hang them up. Not enough wall space. That might leave paper photo albums.... For those photos you put in a collection, do you edit them all? If so, how much?

I'm finding myself with hundreds of photos and in a quandry as to what exactly to do with them.

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OUCH! Probably the same as most-keep saving on pc, maybe resize and do some editing, printout a few and finally burn to disk.Keep piling up the disks for future generations to dust off and then view some to see if the pics are still there or faded out! Still fun though
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Hi: Lot's of good software out there that makes it easy to download your photos to a CD or DVD as a slide show to play on your TV by using your DVD player. You may even already have at least one of the programs on your computer now.

It's a great way for you, and your family or friends, to enjoy your photos. You are not limited to just looking at your photos on a computer monitor. Relax and enjoy the show with the convenience of using either automatic playback, or using your DVD player's remote control.

Many programs even allow you to add background music to your slide show. It also makes it easy to make a copy and give to your friends-i.e. of a birthday party, or a graduation, or a wedding, or a kid's little league game. You get the idea.

Have fun and experiment.

Steven R.
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Print out some to share with others.
Post some on the web to share with others.
Save many on disk (too many, actually.) I need to get better at throwing out the bad ones. I created them, they are my baby... how can I get rid of them?

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I'll bet I have 5,000 photographs in boxes here and if someone asked for a certain one I would never find it. Seems like a million negitives in my collection. All I can say is compared to My digital files "FILM SUCKS BIG TIME" The files I have on My DVD disks are sooooo much better because they take up no room and if I need a certain photograph I have no trouble finding it at all.

I tried the scanning of all my film and loading it on DVD but it sure is boreing and time consuming.

I sell a lot of my Space Shuttle pictures and I always get calls for reprints of wedding pictures so I really keep them where I can find them when needed. It is the scenic and vacation photos from the old film days that give me trouble.

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Old May 26, 2005, 12:54 PM   #6
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Slides are all in slide pages(20 slides to a page) kept hanging in bankers boxes(about 250 pages to a box) :-)
And being toe-nailed (bigish thumbnail) to harddrive/cd as I have time.

Digital images are stored in folders called yellow_box_1, Yellow_box_2... etc. :blah::blah:
Well almost, but not really, using a slightly better naming convention. :-)
They are also burned to CD and DVD.

Trying out Imatch to index the lot, previous pgm NSCSpro was great for slides not really up to digital.
Imatch seems to be pretty powerfull.

I find with digital I am also having Eric's problem. They take up no physical space, and it is really hard to toss the bad ones.

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Old May 26, 2005, 4:33 PM   #7
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Since PeterP took it this way...

I store every file in a directory by date:

And then in there, all the files, as they came out of the camera. Why rename them? The name isn't going to be useful, the thumbnail or an image browser handles that.

I use IMatch and it is very powerful. I don't use it as much as I should. I really need to find some way to do it while watching TV or a movie. Something so that I can do some, relax, do some more, relax.

It is the process of indexing my images that has caused me to realize that I really sucked a few years back. Those pictures aren't nearly as good as my new ones (this is a common realization) and that I take too many (having to index some that aren't very good brings that home quickly.)

Then I back it up to multiple hard disks. In my next computer, I'm going to take hard disk speed much more seriously. SATA and maybe RAID.

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Mom is a scrapbooker, so I take the pictures and load them to snapfish. From there, she orders them, and uses the prints to scrapbook with. I keep all of the photos folerized on my PC and on a back up DVD.
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