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Istvan84 Mar 4, 2011 8:57 AM

What do you guys think about my new site?
Hi guys,

After my 9month long trip, I'm finally home. And I've bought a new laptop, new desktop a new 24" monitor etc. etc. To have a good space to render all my photos, and create a new website with a portfolio.

So what do you guys think about it? And what do you think about the pictures? Are they up to standard, or are there some pics that dont belong there?

The text is in Swedish, but there is not much writing, so I think you guys wont have a problem navigating around the site.

Thanks for your time!
Best regards,

Ordo Mar 4, 2011 1:25 PM

Nice site. It works like charm and it's very neat. Good picks also.
An English translation will help you contact people around the world.

JohnG Mar 4, 2011 1:55 PM

I agree the site looks nice and you've got some nice photos. Without a translation I can't read the content so here's my question:

What is the site's purpose?
Are you trying to sell? If so, what?
If the site is a marketing tool, you really want to provide information on what products/services you're marketing. Just looking at the photos it appears to be a mix of just about everything. You really want to tell potential customers what your services are - then have sample images for those types of photography (segregated into albums by type). When people want to hire a photogrpaher they want one for a specific purpose. So, if I'm looking at a website I want to know if the photographer shoots what I want shot and I want to be able to get quickly to:
1) a description of the services and preferably rate information (though many don't want to post rates)
2) see a sample of work for only what I want to hire them for - preferably with an easy navigation path (like selecting the service or type of photography and being taken to an album with samples in it).

So, you've done a nice job on the site and on the photos but the question remains: if the site is a marketing tool, who are it's clients and will the client find what they need quickly?

And then, there's the whole issue of Google searches and search engine optimization so people searching on the internet find your site. Does that make sense?

Istvan84 Mar 4, 2011 6:34 PM

Hi guys, thanks for your answers!

Its a marketing site for me, I'm new in the buisness and want to laucnh my site. I havent really decided in what type of photography I want to work with, because in the begining, I'm willing to take most jobs to get in to the buisness, thats why I have alot of different type of picturs. But If you go in under "portfolio" The pictures are split up in different categories, and hopefully my future clients will find what theyre looking for.

Cause it is just 2 clicks away "Portfolio, and what ever category there intrested in". But do you guys thinks its bad to have to much different photos? I meen, if they like the category there interestead in, will they turn me down just because I have ato wide portfolio?

And yes, I understand what you mean with the google search =) I will try to make that bit better aswell =)

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