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It could just be a router problem getting to the site from your location. It doesn't sound like a problem with dpreview.com, if you can't even get to the main page (unless he really did block your IP Address, which is unlikley).

Lots of people disagree with Phil's findings. This doesn't mean he's going to ban you from the forums. In fact, he usually warns someone the first time they break any rules (if he even notices -- he's too busy to read through all of the forum posts). Disagreement with his findings is not against the rules. Healthy debate is good (as long as it doesn't deteriorate into personal attacks, etc.).

There have been problems with users with Javascript turned off, or certain firewalls. But, it doesn't sound like this is your problem.

I've also seen posts about AOL blocking access to his site from time to time. It's probably just a router problem (or your ISP is not allowing access to it). I'd report the problem to your Internet Service Provider.

Can you "ping" the site?

Open a DOS window, then type:

Ping www.dpreview.com

Depending on version, Ping.exe is usually found in the Windows directory on your drive, and it's usually in the search path.

BTW, Phil has a separate link to his forums for users that don't have Javascript enabled browsers. It' here (note the extra "nojavascript=yes" paramater.

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Try using a different browser, say, Opera 7.21. I think it is true about their claim to be the fastest browser currently on the market.
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Old Nov 13, 2003, 2:13 PM   #13
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I'm using opera 7.11. Yes it's faster, but I've had problems accessing secure sites (Banks) and sites with a lot of Flash GFX. This site ok, but you can get duplicated posts, and the highlight quote and other edit enhancement features for the post text input screen never seem to work properly for me. However the password 'wand' is great. VOX
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If you're still having problems and think he's blocking you, you can visit anonymously using www.megaproxy.com. If he blocked you, he would have done it by IP. I seriously doubt he did though.

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Default I can get to site on AOL

Amazing.. Using my DSL connection and AOL Browser (not an AOL connection), I can get to www.dpreview. BUT using Internat Exp-lorer, I cant. It is the ONLY site that I can't get to on IE 6.0. I have a permanent IP address from my network DSL and it is the same one I use when using the AOL browser, so my IP address is not the issue. It is Internat Explorer.

But why only this DPreview site and why now after it was working for a over a year.

A puzzlement.
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