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The general opinon on forums where people deal with calibration for a living is that unless you buy the best LCDs, CRTs are better for photo editing. They display colors better, have better blacks, and have better contrast, and all of this applies to a wider viewing angle.

There are two qualifications to this, though.
1 - If you need an LCD, get one. In your case, it makes perfect sense. They are better on your eyes.

2 - It is possible to get a bad CRT, and then a good LCD will be better. But a good CRT is better than good LCDs. And the best CRTs are better than everything. Of course, they cost over $1,300USD.

I have an old 21" Panasonic PanaSync S21. It is just barely profilable with a Optix XR, so I still use it. When it eventually dies... I'm not sure what I'm going to buy.

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I'll agree with Eric on this, when my IBM P series reached the end of its profilability(is that a word ?) I went on the hunt andthe "Lacie Electron 22" Blue IV CRT was my top pic. But the price was way out of my range, my next runner up wasthe "Viewsonic P225F 22" monitor. Not quite as expensive as the Lacie but still expensive in price. And while the Lacie was excellent and looked better compared to the LCD, I did not see very much difference between theViewsonic and the LCD. The Samsung 910v LCD was cheaper by a few 100$ and I gained back 1/2 my desk. So that was a big part of by decision.

I guess you could say I have finally reached nirvana :-)Using the Optical Spyder on the monitor and the printfix patch reader to build a profile for my 2200, I can now take a photo print and scan it in on my epson flatbed, print it on the 2200 hold both up to the monitor and the prints lookidentical, the monitor is very close and can never be exactly the same as the prints are a reflective image and the monitor is a back-lit transmission image.

All I can say is try to go to a store that hascalibrated(very important)CRT's and LCD's setup and try to doa comparison for yourself to see what you like, as part of the decision is also personal preference.
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