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I'm thinking of getting a new monitor and kind of narrowed it down to the Samsung 226BW 20inch displey. Then I see they now came out with the 226CW which is the same except for a wider color gammet.

I'm just wondering what everybody is using for photo work.

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I use an NEC MultiSync FE990, and am very pleased with it. The current product line can be seen here.

In general, CRTs are better for photorealistic images and have variable resolution, while LCDs are better for spot color and don't work as well if you set the resolution at some value other than the hardware resolution of the display.

Viewsonic, the maker of both CRT and LCD displays, says on its webpage [http://www.viewsonic.com/products/desktopdisplays/ ]

Top Reasons to Choose an LCD

  1. Sleek, space-saving design. These new designs leave more room on your desk (and can be wall-mounted, too). [/*]
  2. Ergonomic features. Reduced eye strain from a brighter, flicker-free screen with virtually no glare. [/*]
  3. Better total cost of ownership (TCO). With twice the lifespan, one-third the electricity usage and minimal heat output compared to similar-sized CRT monitor. [/*]
  4. Safety. LCDs are safer to use because they have no electromagnetic radiation. [/*]
  5. Price. LCDs are now more affordable than ever!
Top Reasons to Choose a CRT[/b]

  1. Excellent Value. CRTs have come very inexpensive for entry-level models, and high-end full-featured displays are now more affordable than ever. [/*]
  2. Precise images. CRTs provide exceptional detail for everything from CAD/CAM applications to word processing, spreadsheets and family photos. [/*]
  3. Vibrant, realistic images . . . even in motion. A full spectrum of rich, saturated colors with incredible depth and superior video response make CRTs perfect for gaming, graphic design, or even watching TV with a ViewSonic video processor.
To clarify a few points that these comments might raise, the "flicker free screen" referred to, is because LCDs have a much higher persistance that the phosphors in CRTs. When a CRT is set to a refreshrate that is too low, or that is a harmonic of the frequency of flourescent lights, the image on a CRT will flicker. Trying a different refresh rate will usually fix the problem. But LCDs don't have this problem because they can only operate at a single refresh rate (60Hz), have a high persistance,and it doesn't matter anyway because the image can't change fast enough to display flicker even if you wanted it.
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