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Default What is the most interesting Camera you have used?

I'm guessing that the crowd here have used some unique cameras through their involvement with photography. There are two that stand out for me.

First would be a Linhof Technorama. Remember the days of multiprojector wide screen slide presentations. This camera seemed to be the perfect tool for shooting those wide panoramas. But in actual use, at least for me, it was less than optimal. The 90mm lens had to be fitted with a two and a half stop centre graduated neutral density filter, otherwise the centre of the frame would overexposed or the edges would drop off. I found you had to use 400 ASA slide film to get decent exposures, 200 with the ND filter just did not allow for "quick" shutter speeds. A difficult camera, but it could produce stunning results.

My second is more of a film recorder, the Dicomed D148. This was a beast, requiring it's own air-conditioned room. Two great cabinets of computer processing, flashing lights, eight inch floppy drives, and a third cabinet that housed the actual camera. Ours was equipped with a 35mm, 4x5 and 8x10 camera heads. Originally designed for NASA deep space imaging and probably used with the earth-orbit satellites, it eventually found its way into the computer designed graphic slides for corporate presentations. One had to get the disk form the designers, load it in and then though the keyboard, write the routines needed for the system to do something with the images. Dreadfully slow until we installed a special accelerator card, then it was just slow.

So there are my two interesting cameras. Tell us about yours
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I have to say that it was twin lens reflex. (Not actually one camera but two.) My first camera was my mother's Argus 40 TLR. I learned a lot from that experience, and since I didn't have an enlarger and could only make contact prints, I used it more than the 35mm Minolta HiMatic I bought for myself. Later on, I bought myself a Yashica MAT-124G TLR. I have fond memories of using both of them. Using a TLR forces you to keep everything level, which is a good habit to get into.
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A Fuji 680 and a Sinar..Oh and an 8" x 10" polaroid camera.
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I'm not sure if this was the most interesting camera I've ever used, but it had something my newest camera has...a pellicle mirror. 45 years apart. I wish I still had it.

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The cardboard box pinhole camera that I made out of a cardboard box, with my mom, when I was a kid - I don't think it worked... and if it did, I'm not sure we ever got the film developed...

Coolest camera though!
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Interesting in as much as I learnt a lot of basics because of it's limitations.
In 1957 I bought a shiney new Baldixette a German camera that to me at the time, looked the business . It only had two apertures F9 and F16 and one shutter speed 1/60th. So I had to learn it's limitations but having to wait 2 or 3 weeks for the photo's to come back it was a slow curve. I bought a Flash for it which had push in bulbs, that burnt your fingers if you weren't careful. I got some good shots with it, this is one of my favourites, a flash shot taken from behind my wife, while she was getting herself ready for us to go out for the evening.
It was while we were on honeymoon in 1958.The neg's were 6x6cms.
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