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Default What is "noise"?

I just bought a Fuji 3800 but was seriously considering the other ultra zoom camera, the Oly C-730.

I just took a peek at the Oly C-730 thread on htis web site and everyone is complaining about "noise".

I feel glad to have made what appears to be the right choice but i don't knwo what "noise" is?
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Take a look at the dictionary :

Noise - Pixels in your digital image that were misinterpreted. Usually occurs when you shoot a long exposure (beyond 1/2-second) or when you use the higher ISO values from 400 or above.
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Noise in a digital image is similar to tape hiss on a cassette tape, and snow on a t.v. picture when the signal itself is weak. In the case of tape hiss, you are hearing the random magnetic patterns inherent in the tape, amplified along with the signal, and hopefully at a much lower level than the sound you want.

Snow on the t.v. is the result of random electronic movement within the video circuits.

When you crank up the ISO in your digicam, what you are doing is essentially like amplifiying what comes out of the pixels. That increase in gain also amplifies whatever electrical activity is present in the sensors, and is visible, especially in shadows and wide areas of solid color, as colorful "grain" or "snow." It can be downright ugly, or not, depending on whre it comes in the image.

Thre are several programs around which can measure the noise and remove as much of it as you want. However, despite the claiims by the publishers, some detail also is diminished by the process.

However, if you want pictures taken in low light without flash, high ISO and lots of noise go hand in hand, and the noise reduction programs really spell RELIEF.
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Thanks Walter .. the 3800 is fixed at ISO100 so that explains the lack of "noise".

I'm learning hehehehhe, a few weeks ago i'd never used a manual camera + now i'm talking "noise" heheh.
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Try some shots at the longest shutter speed allowed (3 sec?): you are likely to see noise. Increased ISO will generally produce noise, but so will long exposure times.
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