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I've tried quite a few and I can't seem to find one that suits me well.
  • Canon ZoomBrowser EX[/*]
  • Canon Digital Photo Professional
  • iView Media Browser[/*]
I'm currently on ACDSee 8.

Hopefully replies to this topic will offer other solutions I have yet to come across. :idea:
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Picasa by Google is my current favorite.
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I've tried a lot of them but it is mostly a matter of preference as well as how in depth you want to organize. Picasa works great for keeping track of images and it will even find images you may have forgotten about. iMatch and iView are great at keeping track of all of your media files and there are excellent options on how to search and organize but both of them can take some time setting up and getting used to.

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I have never found a need for photo management software.
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I've heard good things about Picasa, but it wasn't out when I needed something.
I read a variety of reviews on software and choose iMatch.

It does all that I want. It's interface could use a little help in a few places (but only in a few places) but the big things that you do it does very well.

Last I knew the demo of iMatch has almost all the functionality of the full one. So you can learn exactly if it fits your needs.

I would suggest downloading this and trying it.

What problems are you having with those programs? Maybe I can tell you if iMatch will do it.

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Old Jul 5, 2006, 1:47 PM   #7
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Another Picasa user here. It works well for my needs. The one big complaint aboutit is that it doesn't recognize the Windows XP folder hierarchy. From what I read recently, there is a new version on the horizon that will do so.
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Free and easy to use, alot of features!!
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