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Default What the "&quot" !

'I have the "Flash" symbol on the LCD and when I press the "Flash" button .....'

The above text is copied and pasted from a post. What's with the "&quot" thing - could someone kindly enlighten me?

Regards, Almar.

PS - Is this some anomaly with my computer perhaps as I'm sure the poster didn't write like that.

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Chances are, it's simply a problem with how some of the data was converted going from one forums software type to another. Steve's has used phpBB, wowBB and now vBulletin for forums software, with data conversions along the way. So, sometimes embedded code is not translated properly when moving to new forums software. I see the same thing in some of my old posts.
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This page uses HyperText Markup Language (HTML) to display the page in your web browser. In HTML, quotation marks are used to enclose text that is to appear on the page, so text that contains quotation marks is a problem. To facilitate that occurance, HTML uses special codes to support the inclusion of special characters in quoted text. One of those codes is &quot, which will place a quotation mark in the text. The ampersand is a prefix for all those codes, which would preclude the use of ampersands in text, so the code for including an ampersand is && (two ampersands.)

Sometimes, when text is copied from a webpage and pasted into an edit box on another webpage, the code is included instead of the actual speciall character. This usually indicates a minor bug in either the webpage the text was copied from or the webpage it was pasted into. And sometimes these codes multiply as they get copied and pasted over and over again.

It's not a problem with your computer; it's just a bug somewhere, and you can't do anything about it.
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Thank you so much, JimC and TCav. I can't say I fully understand your explanations but that is my fault being almost computer illiterate! I'm pleased to know that my computer is OK though and I can certainly live with &quot - in fact, I don't think these forums would be the same without it!

Join Steve's Digicams for free &quots!!

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to both you and your families.

Best wishes,

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