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Default What resolution should I use for 4MP?

Hey everyone I have a question. I just got the Canon S400. For printing, I mainly do 4x6's with the occasional 5x7. My previous camera was a 2mp so I only did 4x6s. I'm just curious, some friends of mine use super fine mode and 1600x1200, where as I've been using the 2270x1700 resolution at fine mode. Both of these settings achieve around the same number of pictures per card. I'm just curious what gives the best resolution over all. A higher resolution with fine setting, or a lower resolution with superfine setting? Thanks a lot.
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You have 3,859,000 pixels in your pictures (2270 x 1700) where your friend has 1,920,000 (1600 x 1200). You have more pixels and thus more resolution but since your files and his are about the same size (same number of pictures on a card) yours are more highly compressed.

I'd guess that even though you have a higher compression you could still get better results printing bigger pictures than he could. Not being an expert on this subject I'll leave the question of compression versus number of pixels to someone who has more knowledge than I.

I'd recommend you always use the setting which gives you the highest number of pixels and least compression. Data once lost through lower resolution or higher compression can't be recovered.
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I would use the highest resolution and the superfine mode. This will give you the most pixels with the least amount of compression. As Puck states, once data is lost, it is lost. You never know when you might want to print something bigger tahn a 5x7. Only time I'd go less is when you're 100% sure you're shooting only for the web and you need the space on the card.
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Even though the file sizes are about the same, I suspect that the 4 Megapixel photos in Fine Compression Mode, will have more detail than the 2 Megapixel Photos using Extra Fine JPEG Compression.

Also, sometimes the downsizing algorithms "in camera" leave something to be desired (depending on how well they are implemented by the manufacturer).

Of course, you could do your own tests. Use a tripod to shoot some detailed subjects in both modes, and compare the results.

But, why bother? You bought a 4 Megapixel Camera. Why not use it's capability to it's fullest? You never know when you'll get a shot that you'll want to print as large as possible and display proudly on your wall.

Memory Cards are cheap.
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Always use the highest resultion and with the superfine or fine setting. Anything lower could ruin a picture if you need to crop it for any reason.
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I would agree. Crank up the resolution and use superfine. This way you can print those 8x10's if you wish. If you don't take the picture with the best quality you can, you can't get it back.
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