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Please let me know.

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You mean like landscape, portrait, sports, night modes?

They're for people who don't know about things like shutter speeds or F-stops...you chose what's closest description to what you're shooting, and the camera adjusts itself for that type of shooting.

p.s. Next time expand your question a bit...it helps in answering so those replying don't have to guess what you're asking.
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They are special program modes (or automatic modes if you prefer that term) that allow you to optimize your camera based upon the subject matter your going to photograph.

For example, macro mode is used to take photos of close up objects. It will allow the camera to focus in closer then usual depending upon the camera model. It will also try and give you more depth of field.

Portrait mode will try to decrease your depth of field in order to focus on your subject. It will also try and get certain shutter and aperture values depending upon the programming.

Landscape mode will try to increase your depth of field. It will do so at the expense of faster shutter speeds in general.

Sport mode will increase your shutter speed at the expense of aperture. Thus decreasing your depth of field in general. Also, some models with change the autofocus mode.

Night time mode will increase your ISO. May be tied in with the flash depending on the model.

These are just generalizations, as each company programs their digital camera differently, thus your mileage will vary. Read your manual if you want to know what each mode means for your camera.

There is no shame in using program modes, as they are quite nice if the situation dictates it.
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