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Old Jun 15, 2004, 1:18 PM   #1
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Ok, i've been researching for 2 months now and after reading lots of complaints about the canon s1 IS, that cannot take good picture indoors and low light without being an expert at it to trick it out, i've now come right back to square 1 and cannot figure out what camera to buy. the s1 IS was the one i was buying next week.

the use of the camera will be like this for next 2 years mostly outdoors action shot and landscape( so big zoom would be nice). 3 megapixel minimum. flip out lcd screenif possible.

i will only print up to 8x10 pictures once in a while...then the camera will be used for mostly family functions and indoor kids pictures ect....

So i need the best of both worlds, being able to zoom in on landscapes and buildings day or night on my vacations to Europe, and also being able to take family pictures...from what i read the canon s1 IS cannot do the later very well unless you are a pro which i am not....newbie at digital....

anybodys help would be great, today i noticed the kodak easyshare, what about hp945 or anything that anybody would feel that can siut my needs, i plan on keeping camera 5 years minimum....

thanks for all your help, now very frustrated on what to get.....
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I'm not following why the S1 requires pro techniques indoors more than any other camera. It evidently has a good autofocus and the stabilization gives more versatility in limited light. It also has a decent flash range. The only downside I see to the camera for family indoor shooting is the lack of a hot shoe for an external flash, but I get the impression that would be to "pro" for you anyway.

Stabilization doesn't help for subject movement, so if you are shooting without flash indoors you have to pre-focus and choose just the right moment when someone isn't moving too much. It isn't a problem at all with flash shooting within its generous flash range.

Most cameras require some diddling with the white balance shooting indoors without flash if that is what people are saying requires pro techniques. I don't know of any camera that is perfect under those conditions, and you will probably take most family shots with the flash. Flash shots are no problem as long as you make sure the focus is locked on the subject.

There are a few cameras on the market with faster f1.8-f2 lenses, but they don't have anywhere near the zoom range. And the S1 will still shoot in more limited light if you don't have a subject that is moving.

Stabilization makes shooting at high zoom more of a no-brainer as you can handhold in a lot more conditions. It also makes shooting in available light at wider focal lengths more of a no-brainer as well. It is probably as good a 3Mp point and shoot with a long zoom range as you can get. You aren't usually required to use the advanced features, and the camera has them if you want to mess with them.
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Old Jun 15, 2004, 8:49 PM   #3
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thanks slipe, i am just a little confused about the S1 lately as in the canon forum there is lots of talk about the problems indoor and how canon did not design this camera to be used for family indoor stuff and low light....so that worried me about it.....i don't have kids but i am sure they are in the equation down the road, and i would love to have a big zoom for landscape and architecture stuff on vacations, but also family photos...

Do you own the S1, if so you are pleased with it....i know i won't be messing with settings and aperture and all the other manual stuff i just want to point and shoot, big outdoors stuff and cool night shots, and also family photos, i love the swivel lens feature and of coarse the stabalization feature, as i have slightly shaky hands, vedio feature is a bonus and excelent compared to others out there....

Just wondering if there is something else out there i should consider, with the requirements i am going to use it for, point and shoot with big stable zooming, i hope not to have to mess around with autofocus, it sounds like S1 is limited based on other forum talk....

thanks, later

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Old Jun 15, 2004, 9:04 PM   #4
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Hello Belz, another camera you may want to consider is the Panasonic FZ-10.

It has a 12X zoom, image stabilization, great Leica lens, can be used in auto mode or manuallly.

Some say it does not do too well in dimly lit rooms but others have taken great low light shots.

Anyway... just something else to "muddy up" the water. :?

Good luck.

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Old Jun 16, 2004, 12:29 AM   #5
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If you're looking to take really great indoor shots of friends and family in dim lighting conditions, I would encourage you to consider cameras that offer a hot shoe for external flash.

Like the Canon S1 IS, the FZ10 is not regarded as one of the better indoor low light cameras. However, adding a Sunpak 383 external flash to my FZ10 has transformed my indoor shots into something amazing. Unlike the built-in camera flash that aims the light directly at the subjets, this external flash allows you to bounce the flash off the ceiling. The result is much more natural light with fewer shadows-- indoor nighttime pictures come out looking like it's a sunny day with few visual clues that a flash was used.

The flash doesn't have to be that expensive. I bought my 383 on ebay for only $40.

Here's a page I found (not mine) that has some good pictures showing the difference between the built-in and external flash on the FZ10: http://www.zimfamilycockers.com/DMC-...st_Photos.html

Yes, the big flash unit sitting on top of your camera will make you look like a pro, but it is really very easy to use. For indoor shots I generally set the camera to full auto mode, aim the flash at the ceiling, and shoot. I'm certainly no camera guru and I've been able to get many indoor shots of similar quality as the web site above.

If what I'm saying interests you, then another similarly priced camera that you might want to consider (besinds the FZ10) that supports image stabilisation, ultra-zoom, and external flash is the Minolta A1.
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