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Hello all,

Can anyone help me with this, I need to clean my Canon S3's lensas well as monitor. Especially my monitor has got a thumb-mark. The monitor does not work very well in light, I gave it to a friend last weeekend to take pic of me and my wife, and my friend mistakenly tried to rub it when it was unclear. Hope it it not serious.

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Lenspen! http://www.lenspen.com/ I've used it gently on the LCD monitor with no ill effects.
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You might be able to get away with using regular glasses cleaner on your LCD. I don't know about that.

I will say that you *should not* use that on your lens. Most lenses have coatings on them that eye-glasses cleaner are not designed to clean. They can damange those coatings.

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Microfiber cloths ... get them in large-wash-cloth-sizesat WalMart, Sams Club, etc. in bulk (25-50 for around 12-20 bucks).... or pick up packs of 2-3 for under $2. Do not buy ones with names like Nikon, SnapOn, Bausch&Lomb, etc. or you will pay $15 each for exactly the same item.

Microfiber clothsgently remove smudges from lenses and LCD screens and I am never without a few in my camera holsters, bag, or car. At WalMart they are in the car care section. They are cheap enough to use on a shoot or three then relegate them to polishing the car, and keep a new one with the cameras.
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thanks bob nichol, eric and hgernhardtjr for your responses. It is of great help.

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