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Default what are you doing with your old cameras?


I have 2 cameras, one of them is my first which is Dimage Z 20, after FZ 35, i rarely use it. It sits in it's corner right now.

Technology goes fast and every other year we see new cameras. Even my FZ 35 becomes and old camera in 6 months because fz40 and fz100.

Do you give away your old cameras to your friends or to younger family members or do you prefer to sell them to others or do you keep them?
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The FZ shoot just as well as the FZ40 and the FZ100. And in early image quality comparisons. The FZ35 has better image quality then the new FZ's. If you do not plan on keeping your FZ35, I would sell it. But you are not getting much in the way of upgrading to the fz40. With the FZ100 you get full hd and a hotshoe for external flash.
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I personally let other people use cameras to encourage them in photography so if you have a cam that isn't used and have a youngster with an interest in photography who doesn't have a camera let them start playing, just don't be upset if they get better than us as adults
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Gave a Sony F717 to my son, now if I can just get him to use it more than his video games.
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I sold the first one, and basically gave the second one (which had issues) to someone for the cost of the postage. I found a use for one of the cameras I was too sentimental to sell, another one is my hubby's camera (which he uses several times a year). If I upgrade again I'll probably sell one of my current cameras cheaply to someone I know who really deserves a better camera.
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I still have, and occasionally use my Nikon Coolpix 880. I sold my KM5D to help pay for my Nikon D90.

I sold my Minolta SRT-101 to help pay for a new SRT-202, which I recently threw away. I still have my Minolta Hi-Matic C, Nikon S, and Yashica MAT 124G, though I don't use them.
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I wither under their gazes as they stare down at me from shelves across this room. The Spotty and other screwmount DLRs, at least one of which is used at least once a year. The 120-620 folders and boxes, the 35mm rangefinders, ditto. The SRT-101's and fine Rokkor glass that I'm supposed to sell for an in-law. They all glare at me. The old 1mpx and 5mpx P&S's see much more action, since they're much easier to pull from a pocket and shoot than is my fat dSLR+lens or that Ray-Loewy-designed Anscoflex TLR. It's lonely, being an old camera...
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