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i have an FZ20, and am extremely happy with it. the combination of features - 12x stabilized zoom lens, f2.8 throughout the zoom range, and a full range of manual and semi--auto functions, make it a winner for me. the hotshoe is nice, and the manual focus feature is also a plus. i also like the adjustable diopter EVF, the very fast burst mode and extremely short lag time when pre-focused. it takes beautiful pictures if i do my part, and makes perfect 8x10 prints. with 5MP resolution, i could probably go to 11x14 with no problem at all, but as yet haven't had occasion to do so.

there may be other cameras out there with most of the features of the FZ series, but few - if any - that have them all.frankly, i think it's one of the 2 or 3 best digitalcameras you can get short of a DSLR, and for the price, it's awfully hard to beat. i've been very pleased with my FZ, and have never regretted buying it. of course, it didn't hurt that i got it for under $450!

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MikDee wrote:
Requiem, the Panasonics generally cost more, plus it is bigger, & heavier, and has a poor video mode,which is more important to me,,, Sure the Pani is better for snapshots, but compare what else the competition has in this class, the Fugi is still better for the money, by the way, the Fugi goes from F2.8 - 3.1 at full zoom, and battery usage is surprisingly good, I found it even better then the S1.

Yes, they do generally cost more, but I think if you're going to make an investment in a camera, why save a hundred bucks now when you're going to regret not having some feature later? Bigger and heavier might be a good thing for some people, I personally would rather my camera feel like it has some substance to it and something to grip, and a decent spacing between the buttons. The FZ-20 is really not very heavy in my opinion, I don't know an exact weight on it but I could equate to buying a bottled soda and carrying that around to carrying my camera. And with the layout of the controls, I can effectively go through all my menus and adjust my settings without having to squint or worry about hitting the wrong button. Furthermore, if the Panasonic is better for snapshots, I think that makes it a better option if you're looking for a digital camera. If you want better movie capabilities, you should be looking for a camcorder. If your focus is photography, don't sacrifice the quality of your stills for maybe a better movie rate.

Incidentially, I don't see anything wrong with the Panasonic's movie capture. Recording at 30fps, I get a smooth video quality and great audio. I've had alot of fun shooting a video of my friends and turning around to plug it straight into the TV and play it back off the camera.

If you knock it up to the downsides of panasonic being 'bigger, heavier and poor video mode' i'd say that the up far outweighs the down.
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I'm not an expert, but I agree with Requiem, if you want a camera for stills, get a good one, and if you want to film, get a camcorder.
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