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Originally Posted by stefank
In my limited experience - I'm new to digicams, only had my Canon A70 for app 6 weeks or so, the gap between 35mm and my experience with the A70 is massive.

The difference in image quality is somewhat greater than I had expected/bargained for.

I'd be interested to see if this improves over next 3-5 years as technology advances or whether this is a limitation of digital photography.

That said I have seen some pretty good looking images online so maybe it's the A70.

Firstly you're talking about a cheap consumer digital camera...about the equivalent of a $50 35mm camera.

Second, with digital you paying for the quality of your "film" when you buy a digital camera With 35mm you can chose to use a cheap film one week, and a really good film the next week but with digital if you start off with a cheap camera to begin with, you're stuck with whatever CCD they stuck in there.

You can't compare apples and oranges...you might as well be comparing a Reliant Robin (a three-wheeled car for those outside of the UK who have never heard of it) with a Rolls Royce. If you want a better comparison, the Canon EOS-1DS is getting close to film quality...it's 11megapixels (Ektachrome is said to be the equivalent of 25megapixels), the CCD is the same size as a 35mm film frame (most consumer CCDs are tiny things) and it's an SLR.

There's a great example from Steve (the guy who runs this) showing the sizes of various CCDs, and one of them shows a 4megapixel Powershot CCD with an EOS-1DS (which is again the same size of a frame of 35mm film) and look at the size difference:
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IMVHO it all comes down to the size youi print at. My 4x6 prints from my 3mp fuji are sensational and i am a fussy bugger to say the least. I would imagine that the larger the print size the larger the difference between film and digital .... but honestluy, those saying there is a massive difference between the two are doing somethign VERY wrong with their digital prints.

Spend time with your processer, discuss what you want and the look you are after ... works much better than just dropping off your card and hoping for the best.
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I haven't made any prints I'm talking quality of image on my , rather small - thinks it's app 14 or 15 inch, monitor and anything with the sort of scene's I've described is VERY "Grainy"

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well tghere is no such thing as a screen that looks as good as a well processed print so there isx your problem. Get some prints done at a professional processor (talk to them though) and you will see they are as good as film at 4x6 for sure.
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