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Default whats up with apple?

how come most of the pros i talk to use ipod's?
do i just have weird freinds or is there something i don't know?
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Old Dec 22, 2003, 11:48 PM   #2
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From what I gather, many graphics/3-D users use Apple. I do believe Macs are more stable than IBMS.
Neither are they heavily targeted by virus/trojan writers either.

I would ask your Mac friends why they chose the Mac, they could best tell you.
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Old Dec 23, 2003, 8:24 AM   #3
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Default Me TO

I think this is an excellent question. I have been a Windows user for years but because of the never ending problems with this OS, the added cost of Apple systems is looking better all the time. I spend more time fixing the OS with patches and updates than using my extensive software. With each new edition of Windows we are promised something better and then we get a new set of problems? I have 4 Windows systems now and will be purchasing an Apple system very soon. Much of the Microsoft software is restricted to use on a single computer. If you have a family with three children, you need three copies of " whatever" to operate on each computer, or you can go out and buy three new computers with the software already loaded. I don't know if Apple is a better over all deal or not but I for one will be looking into it.
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Old Dec 23, 2003, 8:56 AM   #4
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Default Re: Me TO

Originally Posted by normc
... I don't know if Apple is a better over all deal or not but I for one will be looking into it.
I'd be interested in your conclusion. Haven't looked recently, but it used to be (5 years ago) that Macs were much more expensive than PCs. I think the difference is less now, but not sure how much less.

I think issues like ease of use, stability, ... should be ignored in the price. Likely those are real issues, but their value depends on the specific user, e.g., a technogeek wouldn't value them while a technophobe would value them very highly. Well worth noting those issues, but pretty much impossible to attach a specific price.
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Old Dec 23, 2003, 10:32 AM   #5
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Default Maybe you are right?

I have used computers since the 1960's and have found that it is typical for companies to bring products to market with the expectation that customers would in effect do the "engineering". While I agree that a certain amount of this is necessary it becomes a real question in the purchasing of systems. This is also not just a problem for individuals. In the past I have purchased hundreds of thousands worth of CAD equipment using public funds, If something did not work. we woulld have to wait until NEXT years budget for something else? And try explaining this to the people who provide the funds and the students who need to use the systems.

Microsoft does not have the trust of many of its customers.
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Old Dec 23, 2003, 10:38 AM   #6
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6 of one, half a dozen of the other.

My business owns both Mac and PC's. We used to be exclusively Mac based and in 1997, started using PC's.

They are both the same, only different!! In other words, they both have problems with reliability and they both run Photoshop the same. The only reason to own one machine over the other is if a software package is only available for one and not the other.

We use Final Cut Pro on the Mac (not available on the PC), yet there are alot of software packages available on the PC and not the Mac.

Bottom line: If you want reliability, only install NECESSARY software. I have one computer for "general use" and the others are only for their main purpose. In my business, we edit alot of video. Those computers do not surf the web, word process, etc...

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One advantage that the Mac has (that I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't fixed) is the support at the OS level for profiling your monitor and printer. Yes, PhotoShop has support for this built in... but it really should be an OS wide thing. Apple got that right, and I don't really understand why MS doesn't fix this deficienty in their product. It is one of the reasons why many graphics shops still use Macs. What is on the screen is what will come out of the printer. Every time.

Years ago I read an analysis of the cost of use of Windows and the Mac. This was maybe around NT 4.0 had recently come out. Maybe earlier. The study said that over the long term the Mac was cheaper to maintain and use. I have no idea if this has evened out, as I haven't used a Mac in many years... I generally like them but I use some software that is only on Windows.

By now, functionally they are basically the same. Look at the software and what experience you have. Switching will cost a lot both in the short term (software/hardware replacement) and in the long term (learning how to maintain the system.)

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Old Dec 23, 2003, 1:20 PM   #8
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Default OK

Since we have some users experienced with both systems then let's narrow the question as to which is better for the internet?
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I have an iMac at home (which i'm writing on right now) so I'll add some points. I got a Mac because for digital photos and digital video windows is just catching up now.

Mac's are used extensively in the artistic (layup, editings, etc.) community and in the educational sector. But which is better, it depends what you want to do.

The price difference is small to non-existent anymore - my iMac with Firewire, LCD screen and DVD burner cost less :shock: than an equivalent Dell did when I bought it. But in addition to the hardware I got a machine that has worked almost all the time for two years straight. I doubt that a Windows XP machine would have done that with an addon firewire card and a DVD burner - let's call it driver conflict heck.

I do think that stability is an issue that everyone should consider. I've spent many more hours trouble shooting my mother's laptop than my iMac and we both have about the same software loads.

that said - my computer isn't upgradeable except for RAM, no big deal for me.

Why an iPod? It's a great MP3 player and a pretty good sized hard drive too. Photo types can 'take' their work with them to the client, home etc. all on the iPod. I use mine to hold my contacts and calendar too. It's very slick and uploads very fast...

There are even CF card readers that will connect directly to an iPod - a nice small way to download photos without a laptop.

As for the internet - unfortunately many corporate websites assume that you're browsing with internet explorer 6.x and do a poor job of keeping to web standards. It's a problem to look at things not to create things.

I will say that I find the iPhoto software which is free with a Mac to be likely the easist archival / digital photo storage / basic photo editor around. If you're using jpeg's it sucks in the photos and it's easy to print off pictures or even build a simple photo webpage (check mine out - it's a two minute operation to do it).
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ursa--what's a "loonie?"
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