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Each to thier own. I've only been into computers for the last 4 years and having experienced both OS (Mac & Win) I've found there isn't much to seperate them however I've been very precious on the 'stability' factor andsince I've had numerous problems with PC's over the past 12 months... the crashes for some darn reason have taken a toll on my patience.

I've decided to keep the internet goingon PC and use my new PowerMAC for the editing andmy artistic manouvers. Happy camper.

Don't need to put down Win OS but Icrave the 'stability' and faster processing power. Giddy Up !

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I would just like to add my two pence worth. I would consider myself a professional in the sense that I earn my living from Photography and Graphics. So I would like to address the original question.

Allot of it is to do with history, traditionally the Print and Photographic industry have used Macs this is for a number of reasons, the first being Mac were the only option when computers were first used in publishing. As the computers progressed Apple never and thats how PC basically got such a hold over the home market. However, PC's never made such a impression of the industry side of things because PC are notoriously bad at colour calibration so the industry stayed with what they know.

Things are very different now both Mac and PC's have there place and pro's against each other. Incidentally Apple made a killer move and brought Steve Jobs back, the result being a hugely expanding home market, the iPod and affordable Macs. I personally have had much experience with both, this is because different companies have different preferences. However, when it comes to spending my own money I always go for Mac's. There are hundreds of reasons why; Here are just a couple;

They are so easy to use;
When I first got my 20D I took some photos plugged the USB cable into my Mac, without doing a single thing iPhoto launched and imported my photos. WOW, thats never happened on a PC;
My Mac has never, and I mean NEVER crashed.
Mac are now a very competitive price; check http://www.apple.com/uk/thestore The Mac Mini is such a great computer and so cheap.
When you buy a Apple product, Apple are responsible for everything that has gone into that product, thus support is excellent.

Anyway I'm gonna stop going on about them now! But if you want to know anything Apple just ask!
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grant.smith wrote:
When you buy a Apple product, Apple are responsible for everything that has gone into that product, thus support is excellent.
And this, right here, isthe heart of the difference between the two. With Apple, you don't have, say, 20 different companies all making different kinds of video cards with their own set of drivers. The same is true for video capture cards, sound cards, other IO cards, etc., etc. Then you've got a vast array of programmers and software companies putting out their stuff. Then there's other CPU / motherboard / BIOS type differences that exist from one PC to another. The number of possible unique system combinations is practically infinite. Given this, it's not hard to understand Microsoft not being able to write an operating system that works flawlessly on every system. If some backdoor cheapo hardware manufacturer writes a crummy driver for their stuff, Windows has fits and people blame Microsoft for it. With PC's, you have options, options, options, and flexibility that Mac users can't even imagine. Heck, you can even build your own if you want. This comes at the cost of having to do some troubleshooting now and then... although I'd argue if you stick with name brand hardware and updated drivers you'll be just fine 99% of the time. With a Mac- it's totally standardized. Apple's the only one making them- so it's much easier to get the bugs out of stuff before the consumers get it. But, for the most part- you'd better like the way the thing works right out of the box or know exactly what applications you want to run, because your options for expansion and software diversity are (relatively speaking) extremely limited.
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My own two cents as well:

Used PCs since windows 3.1 was out. Yep, they've had their share of problems (and we won't even TALK about Windows ME), but XP has been very good to me. Very stable and so far reliable. Yeah, cheap programs from no-name companies can cause problems. The solution? Don't install cheapo no-name programs. Yes, the security updates do get on your nerves sometimes, but hey, if you don't maintain your car it'll stop running, too.

I TRIED to switch to Apple a couple of years ago with the purchase of the G4 flat panel iMac when they came out. No manual in the box on how to use OSX, even though this particular machine was specifically targeted to PC users to "get them to switch". No antivirus software - and yes, they do need it, if not for what MAY happen in the future, then to at least keep from spreading viruses to PC users they communicate with. OSX froze on me numerous times. My CD rom broke twice. Dead pixels appeared on the display. After repairs (twice) I gave up and sold the machine to someone who told me soon after the CD drive broke again, and the USB ports died.

Couple of years go by and I'm in the store and happen upon a very good deal on an iBook. I needed a laptop so bought it. I still do own the iBook and use it casually as the keyboard is too small and "bouncy" to use for extended periods of time for prolonged typing. The display is fine. I soon find out that the entire G3 iBook series however (of which mine is one) is on "alert" by Apple for having potentially faulty logic boards which cause them to randomly die. At first Apple was charging people $300+ to fix this defect, until the story broke via the media (a tech TV show as a matter of fact). Once the story broke as to the number of people this was happening to, Apple "offered" to repair this defect for free, and reimburse those who had to pay for it. Even though I had problems with my first Mac I still until this time thought of Apple as being a more "sincere" company than Microsoft... after this, my opinion of them dropped. I respect a company that is aware of a defect, fesses up to it, and offers to repair it BEFORE the media exposes that you're charging people for a known problem with a series of a product. Enough said on that.

So far the iBook hasn't died, but I gotta be honest, I just do not get it. G5 cases made of metal which drive up the cost of a machine (you're not going to sky dive with the darn thing). Mini Macs with tiny 40-80 gig hard drives, which brag about iLife being included for free (those music/video files will immediately fill up those tiny drives). Almost all of the machine need a RAM upgrade *immediately* out of the box as most only include 256 megs. I PERSONALLY think Macs are overpriced for what you get, and too much emphasis is given to their design as opposed to what's inside. Pretty is nice - but pretty don'tprocess video files.. RAM does, etc. I think Jobs is no more sincere or less greedy than Gates (I wouldn't trust either of them to pack a parachute for me). I think stuffing tiny laptop hard drives into "desktop" computers is a hiccup in common sense.

I know I know.. you're supposed to cross your legs, wear white, and hum, while chanting... "they just work.... they just work... they just work...". Well, my first one didn't. My second one might die at any time. And OSX doesn't "work" too well on just 256 RAM once you try to do anything else.

Humor people, humor. I'm sure some are sharpening their axes and wondering where I live. I assure you, I do not feel that Macs are "junk". They have their place, and they have their users. I'm sure the seasoned users are in utopia with their machines, as many XP users are just fine with what they have, too. Neither side is right, or wrong, only different. I'm simply expressing my *personal* opinion of it all, and in the blunt direct way I'm known for expressing my opinions. It's not a war. Besides, I commonly use Paint Shop Pro and Paltalk.. both only available for Windows.

Have fun windows users. Have fun OSX users. Live long and prosper, and all that .
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