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I have always enjoyed articles in magazines that show what the pros carry in their c amera bags. Gave me some good ideas of must have gear over the years. I would be interested to hear what you all have in your camera bag or if you have more than will fit what gear you own and what gear you normally cary with you.

I'll chime in first

Lowepro NOVA AW1 primary bag that goes everywhere I go except in the shower and to bed

Fuji S-9100 loaded with 2GB Sandisc Ultra II CF and Olympus 1GB H xD and batteries, 58mm Tiffen UV filter attached

In hard xD memory card case Olympus 1GB H xD, Fuji 1GB M xD, Olympus 512MB M xD, Olympus 256MB xD, Fuji 16MB x2 xD cards

In plastic cases CTA 2500mha x4; Energizers 2500mha x4 ;Energizers 2300mha x4 (2 complete sets); Impact 2700mha x4

Olympus wall battery charger

Small memo notebook, 3 pens

Lens cleaning cloth in ziplock baggy

2x1 quart size baggies for holding camera and gear in rain storm

Small cloth 6" square to wipe lens and screen in rain

Business cards with contact info

Attached to side of bag ID badge

In waist pouch (Eagle Brand bought at camping store):

Sunpack 383 flash with Impact 2700mha x4 loaded

Lens hood for Fuji S9100
15-in-1 memory card reader and 1' USB cable (got at Sams Club)

Additional Gear I have for use in disasters, long power outages, really big events etc
20GB Wolverine Memory Card Storage Device
Additional battery charger (AC/DC charger)
40GB mini USB Hard Drive made from a 40GB hard drive shipped in a dell......
Durabook laptop 2GB Ram, DVD-Ram/DL DVD Drive; 120GB Hard Drive


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Hmm, kinda makes me glad I don't have a camera bag.

I tend to put my camera in my backpack and maybe put in an extra lens and spare battery if I think I'll need it.

Usually though I just choose a lens for the day slap it on the camera, put in a fresh battery and off I go.

I do worry a bit that I'll forget I have my camera in there and drop the bag on a hard surface, but it hasn't happened yet and cameras seem to be more robust than they are generally given credit for.

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Besides cameras, lenses, hoods and caps?

Angle Viewfinder.

Maybe a spare battery and charger if I'll be away for a while.

I don't clean my lenses on the road, and if I really need to, I can buy Q-Tips and distilled water anywhere. And I carry business cards with me all the time anyway (though they're for my IT business.)

I'll admit that a couple of big ZipLoks is a good idea though, but not for long term storage.
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I use a Tenba Raincape rather than a plastic bag. And I alsways carry a lenspen.
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I'm going to play and hope I don't miss anything.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I have 2 bags depending on what I'm doing.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"My general shooting (large bag) is with a Tamrac Expedition 8 and my sports(small bag) is a TamracExpedition 7.

General Camera Kit Canon 30D with battery grip.

Expedition 8 (general shooting)

Camera with 2 x batteries in grip and one spare in case.

1 x 4Gb Extreme III, 3x 1Gb Extreme III, 1 x 1GbKingston Pro

40Gb Jobo Giga 1 card backup

Sigma 70-200mm f2.8, Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5, Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6, Sigma 1.4x TC, Sigma 2x TC, Canon 85mm f1.8, Canon 50mm f1.8 MkII (all lenses bar Sigma 10-20 have UV/Skylight filter for protection)

Canon 580EX Flash, off camera cable, 2 x stofen type diffusers (white and warming), 5 complete sets of spare 4xAA batteries

Cokin filter ring for the Sigma 70-200 and 17-70 with ND Grads

Lenspen, microfiber cloth

Remote shutter release

Expedition7 (sports shooting outdoor)

This is mainly to carry the Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 and I then include the 70-200mm f2.8 and the 17-70mm, 1.4 and 2x telecons, cleaning bits memory and batteries (oh and the camera). I always have a monopod with this setup as well.

I think I have covered most things but the other possibles to add as needed are the Kata wet weather body and lens covers, a tripod and a tri-reflector..... as TCAV says I also always have business cards but these are for my photography.

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Tamarac Pro 13 bag containing:

30D with battery grip and a 70-200 f2.8 L attached

10-22mm f3.5
50mm f1.4
85mm f1.8
100mm f2.8 macro
135mm f2.0L
Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
1.4 teleconverter

580 EX
Off shoe cable
stoffen diffuser for macro
Lumiquest 80/20 kit

Rocket Blower
cabled shutter release
wireless shutter release
2 way bubble level
Extra RC2 plate
Lens ring for the 100mm macro
Lens cleaning fluid & Microfiber cloths
Hoya Ultra series Polarizer filters in 3 sizes
77MM Hoya UV haze filter and step down rings(Never used)

4 Sandisk Extrem III 2gig cards
4 sets Rechargeable AA batteries
Battery chargers for camera battery and AA's
Pen & Pencil
Note pad
Small pocket tool(mini leatherman type)
Small flashlight (single AA size)
Small roll of duct tape. (back pack size)

680B monopod with 3225RC2 tilt head, attached to the front tripod straps

Always with the above bag.

1 Small padded bag containing:
Cokin Pro Z holder and 3 mounting rings
3 Lee ND filters
3 Graduated Lee ND filters

Manfroto 3221B Pro with the 322RC2 head.

I think that is it. Did this from memory.
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Nice stuff mentioned so far

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tamron camera backpack


camera, 2 gig card n battery, snack and drink

dont need anything else as battery is good for 2000 shots and card hold plenty

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This is in the very modest (Roots Digital DV30) bag:

1) Fuji S9100 with 58mm Tiffen Sky 1A filter, 1gb 60x ATP CF card, 1gb Fuji Type-M xD card, card casesand lens hood

2) Tiffen 58mm Polarizer and case

3) Tripod quick-release plate

4) Mini-tripod

5)16" cable release

6) USB and A-V cables

7) 2 extra sets of Energizer 2500 mAh NIMH batteries and charger

8) Camera neck-strap

9) Chamois lens cleaning cloth and fluid in a small ziplock bag.

I've never tried using a ziplock bag to protect the camera in the rain - I'm too much of a fraidy-cat I guess. Does this actually work?

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With a small hole cut out for the lens it works for short term rain. Just need to wipe the lens glass dry at times.

Also only 2 sets of batteries. I find I need four sets in order to make it through a 5 to 6 hour event.

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