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Default whcih cam shud one sty away from

im still highly confused about choosing a cam and aft my 812 fiasco, i am scared of spending money on a product with problems...

so thus i request if i cud get sum feed bak on the cams i shud stay away from..............cams i shudnt purchase.

a digi cam is as gud as da person using it...but sum cams jus so not gud that u cant do anything with it......

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I'm not sure what you mean by your 812 fiasco...

If you mean the HP 812, it is a very slow camera. This is discussed in the reviews. For a landscape photographer on a budget, it may be "just right". For someone with kids running around, it may be a very bad choice.

Heck, my latest camera is a pocketable camera -- the Konica KD-510z/Minolta G500. For me, it's just right. For others, it may be a terrible fit.

For an architect, the 39mm wide anlge limitation may not be good enough (they may want a 28mm setting). For someone shooting wildlife, the 117mm Zoom may not be "long enough".

For someone shooting night sports -- it would be the wrong camera ( it's small 5MP CCD may have too much noise at higher ISO speeds, it's small lens wouldn't be able to gather as much light as needed, it's focal range would be too limiting, etc.). For a wedding photographer, it's light gathering ability (F2.8/F4.9) and flash range wouldn't make it a good choice, either.

My suggestion would be to determine what you are looking for in a camera: Physical Size, Ability to use Add-on lens accessories, Focal Range, Flash Range, Ability to use External Flash, Resolution, User Control of Parameters that you may want to use, Viewfinder Accuracy, LCD size/visibility, Autofocus Performance/Lag Time, Cycle Times, Color Accuracy, and general Image Quality.

Then, once you've narrowed down your choice, for YOUR requirements (using the reviews as a guide, and asking questions here in the forums -- giving specifics about your needs), try it in a store.

If you're still not sure, buy it from a vendor with a no restocking fee policy. So, if despite your best efforts, it doesn't fit your needs, you can return it for a refund.

Decide what you need in a camera, for the conditions you'll be using it in.

Each camera will have it's strengths and weaknesses. None of them are perfect for everyone.
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If you actually want a nice performing camera then stay away from the HP's and Kodaks. These cameras try to make their money by having a lower price then other companies but all you have to do is use one and you will see why they are so cheap.
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