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Default When to Clean Lens?

I just acquired a nice DSC-H20. When I took it out of the box, there's what appears to be a tiny (tiny) fleck of dust on the lens. Since then, I've noticed another...which may have been there or may have gotten on in the interim.

Should I try blowing/brushing these off with one of the standard camera bulb/brush thingies, or just leave it until picture quality degrades/there is a notable buildup of gunk on the lens?

I suppose what I'm asking is, how often and/or when should one clean the lens?

I ordered one of these kits. Will it suffice?

Lens Cleaning Kit
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First, dust on the lens surface will never be in focus, so it won't affect picture quality. When the amount of dust increases, it can start to block light, so cleaning would be appropriate.

Second, some forms of "dust" can actually damage the costings on a lens if left there for a significant length of time, so there is somethign to be said for cleaning a lens often, but cleaning a lens very often can damage it if you don't take an appropriate amount of care when doing so.

A blower, blower-brush, or camel hair brush (in fact, any device that would have a minimum amount of contact with the lens) would be an appropriate first step.
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