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rclayton17 Mar 21, 2005 3:32 AM

Hey all,I have a question :G

In Microsoft Publisher, I imported 3 digital photos, which are pretty high resolution (4 megapixel camera). I proportionally resized them so they all fit onto one page.

Is that fine for printing? Does it make any difference if you were to resize the image first so you wouldn't have to squish it down in publisher?

Thanks for your help.

PhotoEcosse Mar 21, 2005 5:54 AM

Not used MS Publisher for ages so can't speak specifically on it.

However, I often used to find that allowing programs like thisto resize images by a significant amount, lead to poor definition of lines or vertical / horizontal edges (the more pronounced the line oredge the worse it appeared). The line came out as a jaggy line rather than the smooth shape it should have been.

Now, if I am going to use a smaller image than the full sized version in a publication or web page, I resize it to the required (final) size in Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop first. If it has a lot of hard lines / edges in it I might even use a bit of gaussian blur (.75%) on the full sized image prior to reducing itin size and then sharpening the final image.



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