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i jus bought a fuji finepix 6900. was experimenting with it that day and accidentally touched the huge lens. i have since bought a lens cleaning kit and cleaned the lens with the lens solution and tissue. but there are a stilla few smudges here n there (cos this is the first time i am doing it - not a pro at it yet). the pics i take r still fine, and the smudges don seem to affect the pic quality jus yet. jus tt i have heard somewhere tt if u don remove smudges or fingerprints off the lens asap, these dirts n grime can damage the lens coating.

yea, so, shud i bring the cam to a shop to have the lens cleaned? also, shud i clean the lens everytime i can see smudges on it? or am i being too compulsive?

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First of all, please spell your words out completely and don't use chatroom abbreviations.

Regarding cleaning your lens, unless you have a habit of grabbing the camera by the front of the lens, you shouldn't have to clean it very often. It takes a pretty big smudge to show up in the picture. What is more likely to happen with a lot of smudges or dirt on the lens is a softening of the picture.

I would recommend placing a uv filter on the front of the lens and leaving it there unless you are using some other filter. If the front of your lens is clean when you attach the uv filter, it should stay clean. If the filter gets dirty, it is easy to clean and you can use the same solution you bought for the lens on the filter.

It should never be necessary to have a repair shop clean a lens unless you get some dirt or contamination inside then lens. If that happens, it's going to cost dearly to get it cleaned. Many years ago, I had a dog vommit on one of my lenses. Although it didn't affect the optics of the lens, it affected the mechanical operation (aperture and focus). It cost me about $200 to get it cleaned and repaired.

Just remember, a $20 filter is much easier to clean or replace than a $500 lens.

Good luck.

Cal Rasmussen
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sboredin wrote:
the smudges don seem to affect the pic quality jus yet.
Why not try it out for yourself? When you have a digicam it costs nothing but the time to do the experiment.

Whenyou see your lens is messy, take a shot, then clean the lens and take the shot again. Then see if you can tell the difference, and decide for yourself how often to clean the lens. You'll find it makes a big difference when shooting against the light. Too much muck &grease causes scattering and flare.

All my old film cameras made it easy to have a filter over the lens, which could be taken off and gently washed.My current digicam with extending lens makes it hard to protect. I clean my lens (carefully)when I can see the smudges & dust.
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hey thanks to your replies. i cannot see the dirt and smudges on my lens unlessi look at it very very closely against the light. and the pictures are as clear before and after i cleaned the lens.

what i am not clear about is when is agood time to clean the lens. if i clean it only when the pictures are beginning to blur, will that be a little late? what are some of the signals that tell me it's time to clean my lens?
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