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Originally Posted by VTphotog View Post
There is 'wild and free', or 'wild in a cage (or zoo)'. How does one distinguish from a photo, if the surroundings seem natural? ... Maybe we should just say "Animal photos"(non-pet).

G'day all

Yeah - there's no way I am ever going to afford a trip to Africa to shoot pics of 'the big 5' ... but I do know that I can drive to one of several (in Australia) huge outdoor, open plains zoos / animal habitats and photograph them seemingly 'at home on the prarie'

For me, it's a) the photographic pleasure of coming home with a great image and b) using my skills to exclude all obvious man-made materials from that image to make it as realistic as possible.

Doesn't do much for me to have a lion strolling along a wire fence

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I could almost agree with what the OP is saying, but as long as someone isn't trying to pass off pictures taken at a local zoo as being shot in the wild, then I really don't see a problem. Next question is, what is "wild"? I took a picture of a deer that is wild, but because it lives near a greenway walking area, it has become accustomed to people being in the area and so it doesn't run away like other wild deer do when humans get close. (close being relative) So does that meet the criteria for wildlife?
Just my thoughts on the subject.
One thing that has crossed my mind when I've taken pictures of flowers or wildlife or whatever - basically it has already been photographed by someone with a lot more training and experience, and a whole lot better equipment than me. I usually shoot it anyway.

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Originally Posted by WilliamTn View Post
I could almost agree with what the OP is saying, but as long as someone isn't trying to pass off pictures taken at a local zoo as being shot in the wild, then I really don't see a problem.
Where's the line?
Don't we photogs do this all the time?
We take a shot, edit, HDR, etc... is that not an example of "passing off a shot for something it's not"?

Would a polar bear, under anesthetic, at a vet, be considered wildlife? Wild animal, that's generally unapproachable that is not currently IN the wild.
Would a feral cat that you cannot approach be considered wildlife? A domestic animal that's reverted from its attachment to humans and IS in the wild?

Why attempt to label? It's a good shot of a bear/cat/etc, or it's a lousy shot. I don't see the need to categorize to such a granular level as "wildlife photo" vs "animal photo" vs etc...

If the photog wants to claim they shot the picture of a lion on the Serengeti when it was actually taken carefully at the local zoo, so be it. This simply makes the photographer a liar. It's still a (potentially amazing) picture of a lion.
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My only thought is that its not fair to compare a shot of a rhino or a lion taken in a zoo against a shot taken in the African wild. In the zoo there is lots of time to get the shot, while in the wild it may be a fleeting moment that takes some skill to capture nicely. i think there should be Animals (wild) and Animals (domestic) categories. All the animals in the zoo would be considered domestic since they cant even be released in the wild. In that way its easier to categorize the shots and how they were taken. I guess what Im referring to is the respect for one pic over the other and there should be no confusion which is which.
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We do have a forum for 'Animals and Pets', as well as one for 'Wildlife'.
I would have to say that we should just leave it up to the discretion of the photographer as to which one to post in.

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Default When is "Wildlife" NOT?

Its really a very Crazy Question that when is "Wildfire" not, but i have no answer of it.
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