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I just received a Nikon D-70 a few days ago from buydig.com, but I neglected to buy and/or see one of those optional plans that covers everything the warranty doesn't - accidental damage, etc. Does anyone know of a place that sells add-on coverage like this, after the camera has already been purchased?

Is there any chance homeowners/tenant's insurance would have an option for this?
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Talk to your insurance company about a Personal Articles policy. The problem with homeowners is it only covers items in your home. The personal articles policy will cover it anywhere for whatever reason (I have one with my State Farm agent). It costs me an additional $7 a month I believe - yes you can complain about the cost but it may be different depending on the company and the $ amount of the gear you are covering.
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I insured my 20D and lenses with USAA for $30 a year. It covers loss, theft, dropping the camera, etc. It's a rider on my household insurance package. USAA is only open to military members and retirees.
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Another thing to consider, even if the equipment is covered by your homeowners policy, there is probably a deductable. However, if you provide your insurance company with a specific list of equipment (with purchase price, date, and serial numbers), the equipment will be covered for a small fee as discussed above and there probably is NO deductable. That is the way Allstate works.

Cal Rasmussen
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I got my insurance from State Farm. I have since added a couple of lenses to the policy and the price didn't change ($30). The policy covers everything that I showed them proof of purchase on including the bag, the remote, and the filters.
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BHPhoto will sell you extended warranties for various cameras. I have found them easy to deal with and honest.

Go to: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home

Use warranty as a search item and sort results from cheapest to most expensivve.

They will sell you a warranty for cameras bought elswhere within the last month. The prices for the Mack Warranty are much lower than at many other online sellers.

Good luck!
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Thanks for all the replies, everybody.

I put it as a rider on my tenant's insurance, and for $17 / yr, they're giving me comprehensive "all-risk" insurance on it, including losing it or dropping it - definitely cheaper than what retail stores offer.

That definitely seems well worth it, although I don't know if manufacturer defects count as a "risk", so perhaps an extended warranty might add additional protection?
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