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sscheinfe Sep 7, 2007 12:13 AM

I'm an amateur photographer, and have quite a few nice pictures that others have commented are great (so it's not just my own delusion). Is there some place, perhaps online, I could sell any of my work? I don't have enough pulitzer prizes (zero)to use corbis, is there anything like this for us non-pros? Or is there too much raw work out there for there to be any market? Alternatively, are thee any places to sign up for assignment-based work, either news stuff, or perhaps just this-and-that?

Reanimator Sep 7, 2007 5:04 AM

many threads on here about this subject

maybe u could post some pics for further comments?

obvious places are stock agencies......but everyone is doing that, other option is to set up your own site and promote it localy

the best place to make money from your pics are infact local art exhibitions, i sold 8 big canvas prints at last one, making a nice profit

there will be more adivce coming from other members..hope something helps u


BillDrew Sep 7, 2007 7:40 AM

sscheinfe wrote:

I'm an amateur photographer, and have quite a few nice pictures that others have commented are great ...
Why not sell your photos to the folks who think they are great?

Selling art seems to be as much showmanship and touchy-feelly customer relationship as it the art itself. Very hard to do well online.

JohnG Sep 7, 2007 8:05 AM

The answer to your question depends largely on what types of photos you are trying to sell - and to what market you are trying to sell them.

As for signing up for news stuff - you have to apply at local papers. I've never heard of a general pool of photogs newspapers go to. Each one hires their own staff and works out their own freelance contracts. You'll have more luck with smaller local papers. Be prepared with a portfolio of 20 or less shots for the type of work you want to do for them - but it should be the type of photos they tend to publish. I.E. more often than not a newspaper could care less about a macro shot of a bee (however beautiful it might be). Also realize newspapers like cut lines with photos - so if you're taking photos involving people for instance, newspapers want names so you have to be comfortable talking with said people to get their names.

Now if you're talking news or stock agencies - like AP or Getty Images that's a whole other ball game. Getting work with them will take a lot more than a few people who think your work is good. Typically these are folks with a good resume already - i.e. worked for major newsprint or magazines.

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