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I do not understand the difference between a digital camera and a digital camcorder.

With the prices overlapping between the two, it seems to make more sense to buy a digital camcorder and just take single shots. Then, someday,when you want a digital camcorder, you alreadyown one.

What am I missing? Surely there are tradeoffs between the two.

Can someone clarify for me?
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pkirk_camera wrote:
difference between a digital camera and a digital camcorder.....Surely there are tradeoffs between the two.
A modestly-priced digital camera will give you still photographs of very high quality, now equalling all but veryhigh classfilm cameras, and surpassing them in most aspects of convenience.

Even a high-priced camcorder will give you still images of poor resolution and quality, much worse than a supermarket single-use throwaway film camera, and similar to those taken by many mobile phones. It's not the tool for the job. Even if you can find a camcorder that does take good stills, you'd get much better value by having separate, modestly-priced still and video cameras.

You need one of each. I've been taking stills for about 45 years, and movies for about 30 (the last 13 yrs on video), and there's little overlap between the disciplines. It's good to have moving pictures and sound to record treasured moments, but you can't hang them on a wall, or pass them round in an album. In a few years' time the same device may be able to do both to a high standard, but we're not there yet.

Good luck!

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I have a (what I consider) expensive sony dv camcorder that has the ability to take pictures.
I was amazed at the quality of the movies this little baby does. This amazement was only surpassed by disapointment at how poor the stills were.

I bought this camcorder not to take pictures but movies. I was however hoping I wouldn't need to lug this and my sony P&S camera while on vacation but the pictures so bad that "feature" is all but useless.

Another thing to consider. A specialized piece of equipment will always perform better then a all in one unit. With the camcorders you have little control over the shutter speed, apeture, exposure, depending on the model storage space of the photos is an issue. What about a flash, camcorders do not come with one. In essence I believe this is just a selling gimmick.

I could be wrong be the higher end consumer and prosumer models of camcorder do not even have this.

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