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Default Why does the resolution differ from photo sizes?

My question is, why the dimensions of a digicam file differs from the resolution needed for, e.g. a 9x13cm photo.

I actually have to cut the pics to get a 9x13cm pic.

1600/1200 = 1.333333

But Klaus' website calculator says the needed resolution for a 9x13 cm pic is: 1063x1535px

1535/1063 = 1.44

So there's obvious a difference in the width/height dimensions of the pic.

That means that I have to crop the 1600x1200 pics to get a proper 9x13 pic.
I let some pictures be printed at a local service and I found out, that the 9x13 I ordered were actually 8.5x12cm

Am I right that there shouldn't be a problem anymore if I cut the pics to 1535x1063?
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With a digital camera using a 4:3 Aspect Ratio (ratio of width to height), you will need to crop your photo, depending on the size needed (to prevent unwanted cropping and/or uneven border margins from the printer).

Here is a handy chart that shows the percentage of a photo being sent to a printer for popular sizes and aspect ratios:


There are also some pretty good cropping tools available now, designed to show a crop box, based on the aspect ratio needed for the selected print size (for example: Compupic supports this feature, and also includes support for the "A" sizes).

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P.S. - the chart I pointed you to in my previous post is referring to print size in inches, not cm. However, it does show you the percentage for A sizes, too.

I'm in the U.S., so we use different print sizes here. In Europe, I understand that the "A" Sizes are all at the exact same Aspect Ratio (Ratio of Width to Height).

BTW, some printing services in the U.S. offer "Digital Size" prints (no cropping or uneven borders). I don't know if some printers in Europe offer a similiar service or not.
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