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Default Why go for above 3 Megapixel ?

There is something that has been bugging me for a while, even though I have been using digital cameras for several years, so I thought I would see what views others have on the subject. Some may think the answer is obvious, if so please let me know!

Cameras are being produced with higher and higher resolution, (up to 14 megapixel!). There are obvious advantages to this, some being the ability to "crop" pictures after they are taken, to effectively zoom in (digitally) to one part of the picture. Another would be the ability to print out photo realistic pictures above 10"x8" (A4) size.

In addition some high end features may in some cases be offered on the higher megapixel cameras.

For those of us who do not "crop" or print large photos or worry too much about getting that one new feature, is there really any incentive to upgrade ? I have compared A4 high resolution prints taken from 2, 3 and 5 megapixel cameras, and there is little or no difference in the results, at least not to the naked (and somewhat trained I may add) eye.

Your views would be welcomed!

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with all due respect there is a difference at the larger end. there is a level of pixalation that will become evident.
if your looking for that tack sharpness and detail up the pixel count. think of it as the grain in film. in the long run if your satisfied with the output then thats where you stay. as i have said before and this is my opinion its not at the level of K64 and thats the film i have used for 25 years. its resolving power is still higher.

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As far as I'm concerned no.
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If they get greater pixel density on the ccd doesn't this mean you can achieve the best (lower) resolution you need, but gain less noise and more effective speed and sensitivity?

There comes a point when resolution is good enough but ability to compete with 400ASA film starts to mean more picture opportunities and lower flash power drain!
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Default Why go above 3 megapixel

The question is best answered by asking what do you want the camera for. If you just want to point and shoot, edit your pics, print a few for personnel use, and enjoy the instant statisfaction (or disstatisfaction) that a digital camera can provide, you can do it with any 2 mega pixel or greater camera. The higher end consumer cameras are not just about more pixels, there are better optics, more manual control, and better pics than with a 2 megapixel camera. I still have the Oly C3000, 3 megapixel, and it produces great pics. I bought the C4040 within the last few months and the pics are even better. I will be glad when I can view some of the C5050 pics, touch it at a local store, and decide it is time to let the C3000 go. Again I like the new features that come with the newer cameras but that is only me.
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